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first momotaro tosai

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  • first momotaro tosai

    hi guys this is my first momotaro tosai
    any comments on the koi will be greatly appreciated.
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    all the best dags.
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    Whoa. I cannot tell how deeply wrapped the second and third steps are, but if deep enough to hold when full size is reached, that simple pattern will be dynamite. So very clean.

    Any more photos close up to the Beni?


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      Oh sure, just start off with a perfect three step! what ever happened to the stuggling beginner who has to slowly work his way up to a nice koi over years of savings and hunting!

      Just giving you a hard time! Looks like a good start to me. Want to see it this fall when it's double the size! I don't blame you to be excited about it's prospects
      Dick Benbow


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        Thanks for the replies Mike and Dick.

        I am looking forward to the coming months with this koi.

        I will keep you posted if you are interested?
        all the best dags.


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          Very nice Dave as always another spot on koi added to you colection.




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            That has to be one of the ugliest koi I've ever seen! I can't believe you even posted that thing on this forum! I think this koi would look soo much better if it were in my pond. Very good choice Dags. Keep us posted in the future. This koi has so much potential. Wish I had the ability to good fish out in my earlier stages in koikeeping. Best of luck to you.


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              Dags: We'll be waiting for the pics .... her first tubbing, her first young koi show, etc. etc.


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                yeah, that wrap goes too far under..hes surely trying to cover its most major flaw with a pic from the top!lol.
                actually every fish i see is better than mine, think i better go back to my i can hold my head up high.


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