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  • the "easy"

    EA has a new "wringle" in their filtration system. Looking for anyone who can make comments on it.
    Dick Benbow
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    I can't afford it. However, thanks to the help of Maurice, I am about to put a basket of static K in my home-made vortex surrounding the pump suction. Will let you know if it works.



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      I picked my new eazy up this afternoon.
      lets see if this is better at collecting fines.
      The Answer never never did it for me i'm affraid.
      A costly mistake.
      all the best dags.


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        Dags: I have asked on different boards whether the EAsy or the Answer is preferable in a situation where you have algae filaments breaking off in the water. I like the notion of the EAsy, but am concerned that it would get algae glarf gumming it up, making regular clean-up a huge pain. As soon as you have some experience with it, let us know. Meanwhile, until I learn from others' experience, I'm holding my options open.


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          The Eazy is not in the US yet. I'm hoping to see one when they are. I think it's going to be a lot more work than the answer. After seeing my static K1 in my Nexus, it gets drity in just a day or two. With the Answer I have only cleaned it a few times many months. I will pay the extra to run my Answers.

          I think the Eazy will be a lot better than the foam blocks.


          Keep it simple, keep it straight


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            Ah, Tom, I'm waiting for Maurice to debate you on those points. ....Hope he does. It would educate me!


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              dont you guys use the nylon micron screens?
              what are these easy and answer things made from? i assume they fine filter your water before biofilter..someone please explain.


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                Like I said I don't know anything about th Eazy yet. But I can't see it doing as good as a job as the Answer. Maurice talk to us my friend. Tell us what you know about the Eazy.

                Look at what Tim posted. as you can see in 24 hours all the crap is caked in the Eazy already. If it was the Answer it would be in the bottom of the settling tank. How much work is it going to be on a out door system? Time will only tell.

                I think they are thinking the Eazy might help with clarity issues the Nexus has without a bead filter. I hope this is the answer to the problem. But the static K1 in the Nexus was suppose to help with this. I can tell you on my pond it didn't help at all.

                Don't get me wrong, I have two Nexus units and love them now. But they do have some issues that EA is working hard on fixing. This Eazy going to be a lot better than the foam, but I don't think it's the answer to doing away with the Answer that was designed for that filter.


                Keep it simple, keep it straight


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                  One other thing, I can see where Tim would have that problem with the crap caked on the Eazy. Look at the fish load in the tank. Most ponds are not stocked like that. So time will tell how great the Eazy is.


                  Keep it simple, keep it straight


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                    I was hopeful when I placed this thread that maurice would have some comments.
                    I was also hopeful that we might get some comments/adaptations for BB users.

                    I hate to show my cards here folks because so many are dead against BB's but
                    stop and think of what static k-1 really is doing with that application!
                    Dick Benbow


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                      Ok, you’ve got me!

                      Many of you will be aware that I have run static Kaldnes as my main and only mechanical filtration on 3 of my ponds for more than 18 months. As I changed each of these systems to static Kaldnes, I discarded an ‘Answer’ (mechanical, self-cleaning micro-screen).

                      The water, within 24 hours was unbelievable!

                      Evolution Aqua had been aware of my set-up for a long while, but I had kept it a little to myself, as its use left their designed product obsolete in my ponds and have been a strong Evolution Aqua fan from day one. My first ‘Answer’ invoice was Number 11.

                      While EA were designing a static Kaldnes system to be used in conjunction with the Nexus they consulted with me regarding how to keep heavier/larger waste from mixing with the Kaldnes. The final design, the ‘EAzy’ uses my principal, but takes it a little further in that the media is totally held in it’s own container, my design just separated incoming water with a screen under the media level.

                      So, not only does this mean you can see the amount of ‘larger’ waste collecting around the side of the ‘EAzy’, but it also means there is a far larger area to pull water from (more surface area, more holes). This larger surface area means there is far more chance of heavier waste settling, rather than being sucked against the ‘EAzy’ (larger surface area = less suction per square inch).

                      I think they have it just right with this one.

                      They use air agitation for cleaning, the same as I do, the whole thing is so simple. Flushing is so easy; I do not even get my hands wet.

                      In a couple of words it is the SIMPLEST, MOST EFFICENT mechanical filtration I have used in 35 years+ of fish keeping.

                      There will be many ‘homemade’ versions of EA’s design and my own, for those doing this a couple of points: Don’t use too much media, there has to be enough spare room for the media to ‘churn’ well while cleaning. Make sure the slots or holes in the outlet pipe to the biological filtration are at least an inch above the level of the media in the static filter. Clean the static Kaldnes frequently, it’s great to achieve better mechanical filtration and pond clarity, but it’s not healthy, unless it flushed and dumped regularly!!!

                      A good friend has just switched to using my method. The water was filthy, because of his high feed regime; fish could not be seen at all if they were deeper than 6”, within a week, the bottom of the pond can be seen!!

                      I rest my case.

                      Fire your questions.

                      My design is on my web site. One point, I get many e-mails, asking if I still use the Jap Matting disc. The answer to this is no, that was only on the first prototypes, for the first few weeks, it was only used to stop the Kaldnes escaping down the outlet and it was a pain to clean. So I switched to the slotted pipe and air agitation for cleaning.


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                        Tom, one point I meant to make, but forgot was the static Kaldnes in the exit chamber of the Nexus stops some of the fine waste returning to the pond.

                        BUT, most of the water goes under the media and so this has a limited effect.



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                          oh my, what are those nexus things? is that the vortex that ive heard you people talking about?
                          thats a nice sticker, what is it doing?
                          it seems that the easy things are a container of bioballs.
                          what are you getting at dick? that the things are blocking up quick smart.

                          wheres the water go in and what happens to it before it goes out.
                          whats the different stages and in what order? one of you who runs one should be able to say..

                          a common system that i use would have the water entering 2/3 up a conical tank which drops the settleables out to the bottom as it spins around, from there in the bottom of it the settleables is pumped a couple of times a day.
                          the main flow of water would go out and over a fine screen to remove some suspended solids then to the biofilter and then off to a foam fractionator which would also run through the bio before going back to the tank, either that or have a simple skimming overflow.


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                            Originally posted by Maurice

                            There will be many ‘homemade’ versions of EA’s design and my own, for those doing this a couple of points: Don’t use too much media, there has to be enough spare room for the media to ‘churn’ well while cleaning.

                            Clean the static Kaldnes frequently, it’s great to achieve better mechanical filtration and pond clarity, but it’s not healthy, unless it flushed and dumped regularly!!!
                            Hi Maurice,

                            I have been a frequent visitor of your site, so I have been comptemplating to convert one of my existing container to static Kaldnes for a while. How much Kaldnes do I put in. Can I assume 50% of the capacity of the container?

                            It will be flushed and dumped automatically everyday with the use of timed solenoid valve. Thanx for your advice.



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                              Every time I read your experiences with the static Kaldnes, Maurice, I get convinced. Then I start worrying over my circumstances and start waffling. Right now, I'm strongly leaning toward the EAsy rather than the Answer.

                              BTW, talking with an experienced pondbuilder/designer in northeast U.S., I learned that in outdoor applications where tree leaves are an issue, he recommends a large vortex before the Nexus. Reason: The Nexus discharge port is too small to discharge to waste when many leaves get in it thru bottom drains, and cleaning it out becomes more laborious than other settlement methods. This places in question the reasons for using the Nexus (small footprint), but would also seem to reduce the clogging risks with the EAsy. However, the pondbuilder still recommends the Nexus as providing superior results.


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