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  • PlayKOI - The Hottest Koi On The Planet

    Hello People

    I've created a brand new nishikigoi website, an info/eye candy website
    Did quite a lot of work on it, at this time it's updated "almost" daily.

    My question to all the hobbyists:

    Like it ? -> what exactly you like ex. layout, details, HQ pictures ... ?
    Dislike it ? -> tell me what you disguise on it

    Not to influence your choice but the Holland & Belgium Koi hobbyists seem to like it, 1st day officially online (last sunday 6 march) and more then 100 visitors for a "startup site" not bad huh ?
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      Sorry to say I will not click into it first. I don't like the looks of the front page on it. Sites that I have clicked into like this have put bugs on my computer. Sorry for being honest.


      Keep it simple, keep it straight


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        Well, working late & the office system has so many bug protections I don't worry about it. ..... neat site and great pics. I see you have lots of ideas for expanding. Some rambling thoughts: the only purpose for going to the site right now is for the handful of pics, but it is slow moving from one to another. As the number of pics increases, this will limit use. Now that I've been there, why go back? ... to see pics of other koi. So, how will I know that more have been posted? Have fun with it.


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          they are **** sites tom, from when you put in words like booby and things like that..and then everyone knows where youve been because of all the unwanted popups..
          this one looked safe enough to me though and it worked allright.
          some nice fish there.


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            yes its slow but i thought that was because i dont have broadband here.
            i lasted about 4 pics and bailed out. spose youll have to keep adding more to it to keep attention but it looks ok to me.


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              Thanks guys, we had to reformat my computer last week because of a bug in it. This has been keeping me away from opening a lot of sites.

              I just went into it, and it looks great.



              Keep it simple, keep it straight


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                Thanks for the opinions

                The pandora server is a payed one, so no popping up things, ad's or malicious scripting will be used. It would only bring down the image of the site and since the bkks already contacted me that they put our link on their site, we really can't afford that one happening, can't we ?


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                  hoi ike ik heb "m al via de link op nishikigoi online bekeken en zag er goed uit.

                  wat mike zegt klopt trouwens wel,je zal de site regelmatig moeten updaten,anders heeft het geen nut om terug te gaan.
                  goed bezig,vooral zo doorgaan.
                  groeten wilco
                  (to anyone who doesn't understand our beautiful dutch language,i was just confirming what mike said!)


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                    The Play*** business might get a bit upset about the use of the 'bunny'. But I get the joke -- especially with the top notch 'photoshop' work on those pictures.

                    Obviously MORE is the way to go but as a labor of love (lust? ) I can see the point of the setup.

                    However, the joke does wear thin after a while. Removing the front page silliness and going with relatively untouched photos might get more frequent visitors. Making the site look more 'normal' isn't a bad thing.


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                      Made a total update, the mapping structure totally changed, the site looks neat indeed but the mapping structure was a mess so thats set, and a new menu added to the nishikigoi section so that you'll got it all in a dash

                      Spend 5 hours updating and re-linking though but now that this one happend it'll be more easy for me to update. By the way probably 8 or 9 march new koi will be added (4 or so).

                      So if you're interested, revisit us !


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                        Nice to see something new in belgium about Koï. The pictures are nice and it is interesting to know the envent around Belgium. Good luck


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                          Big update again, few koi added, and made a Thumb menu per koi variety, tell me if it's better than the Javascript koimenu.



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