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Orlando + March = Koi Show

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  • Orlando + March = Koi Show

    The re-invented Central Florida Koi Show is this weekend. Today (Wednesday for the time zone challenged) was the start of set-up. Here are some pics .

    It was not a day the Orlando Chamber of Commerce cares to talk about. A very chilly 60F and rainy... but, the sun comes out tomorrow.

    First up, dealers were not to start arriving until Thursday, but W. Lim had a large delivery of their latest gizmos arrive early. Our intrepid Show Chair, HenryC, braved the rain to accept delivery ... Lim was no where around. But, you do what is needed to have all participants happy.
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    I arrived early in the morning to mark vendor spaces in the open to the sky atrium. My volunteer job this year is to make things go smoothly for the vendors ... and here I'm getting help from Merle Deland (the one with no hair) in measuring out a booth area. It had not rained too much yet.


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      Don Hellard has been a mainstay of successful koi shows in our area, and usually works himself into a knot of nerves and pulled muscles. We're going to try to get him some time to enjoy the show this year. Caught him here signing more papers with the hotel. [They always seem to have more things you have to work out than they ever told you about when you agreed to have the show at the place.]


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        Now, how did that happen? ... Don's photo was supposed to rotate around. Well, just bend to the left & you'll see it O.K.

        And, as the afternoon got wetter, the show tent finally got erected. Then as it got cooler and wetter, the volunteers got working to set up the aeration lines, etc. Here is John Sprinkel rummaging through Don's tools to get exactly what he needs ... Don is one of those guys with the perfect tool for whatever it is that needs to be done. And, I'm using twist ties to hang pvc pipe that will carry air to all the show tanks.


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          The show has become so popular that Show Co-Chairs RodL and HenryC decided to get a second tent to house more vendors in the parking lot next to the show tent. Their decision paid off ... every vendor space is taken. But, as the afternoon grows late, the second tent cannot be erected because two cars are parked where they are not supposed to be. Recognize the Colorado plates? If so, call the Colorado Motor Vehicle Department & let them know ... no such car is registered in Colorado according to their state police! And the Florida licensed car next to it? ... been in the same space for days. Lazy tourists? Or, something sinister? Don't know, but HenryC did get them towed ... so the show can go on!


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            Then, while the vendor tent is being laid out & erected, Aquatic Eco-Systems has delivered the hard tanks that will be used by the koi dealers attending. The tanks have to be separated and set up in the allotted spaces (...the ones I started measuring at 8am).


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              Awaiting Thursday morning is a storage unit full of show tanks and all the equipment that has to be set up, filled with water, etc etc.


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                I'm off to bed early this evening. Will be back at the show site early in the morning. A koi dealer will be arriving before noon with over 20 boxes of koi. And, his space is in the tent that did not get up until dark. So, lots to do at dawn to get things ready for the early arrivals. Plus, all the show tanks have to get set up. What are we forgetting ?????

                Oh, yes .... I'll try to post pics of koi as soon as some arrive. But, the show entries are not coming until Friday.

                Thursday: Dealer fish!


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                  Stay tuned.


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                    I talked to Sprinkle (alias Big twig) yesterday and asked him if he wanted me for today or tomorrow..I am SO thankful he said tomorrow....see you at 9AM.
                    BTW that's a good group of pics showing the tedium of setting up a big show.


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                      Thanks Mike for the photos....looks like you guys are going to have a great show!


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                        Thanks Mike--you guys are working hard!

                        Can't wait to see pics of the fish.....


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                          Nice to see behind-the-scene pictures. Thanks

                          Thai Koi-Keepers' Group


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                            It's like CNN, it's cool to have a journal of such a thing, most people dont know how much work goes into making a show. Wish you guys luck on a great show.
                            The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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                              As soon as I got there today i saw Mike re-rinsing the Vats. He seemed to think that the people in the rooms/balconies above were playing "ring the blue tub" with their cigarette butts. I could see that. there weren't any koi in them yet.
                              Well ALL the tubs and tanks are full...mike should be along any minute with more pics, I guess.
                              The Show is Definitely alot bigger and has a better buzz about it than in past years. Set-up went smoother than past years as well.


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