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  • Koi Scale Types

    Ok, some one give me a lesson. here's a picture of the scales of my yamabuki. Is this fukurin ?
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    Just to make sure the point is made. It's the thick (fuku) skiin between the scales(rin).

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      about scale question

      hi all, may i know how many rows of scales usually koi has? coz inside my pond i noticed that one of the koi scale is a little bigger and no. rows of scales is less than other (only 8 or 9 rows).
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        scale count in koi varies widely because a koi is the genetic result of may races of carp. It can not be classified by a zoologist or an ichthyologist because of this fact. But a koi can 'suggest' armor scale origin. This is a very unique look when compared to 'normal' scaled koi.

        all ogon and most asagi have fukurin. Good fukurin should have either a very bright luster or a dusting of glitter to it. Not all kohaku and sanke have fukurin and in those that do, only a small percentage have good fukurin.



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          another good reason to love those old blue things! (lol)
          Dick Benbow


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            Interesting observation

            Came across this interesting post regarding the scaling of the koi. Interesting observation koi_kl.

            I would like to know if skin quality and (scale quality) have any relationship with each other? Much like the comparison of cotton fibers compared with silk fibers...Is the presence of smaller or tighter scalation possible indicator for a better chance of developing high quality skin? Would be funny if there was a relationship....I can see it now...everyone would be counting rows of scales on the koi before purchasing...."Hey Joe, how many rows you got on that one..." Hahaha...Just wondering...I had to ask.


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