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  • Electrical question

    This one for all the engineers out there.

    With a submersible pump and electric heater do you need to worry about stray electricity? May be a dumb question but I was thinking that with the magnetic field on the submersible pump, a 1000w submerged titanium electric heater, and salt water (electrochemical reaction) there may be some potential. Is there any way to check for and if found can you ground it out?

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    In the past we've had problems with stray voltage in our Wisconsin dairy farms. After several lawsuits, the local electrical utility company now tests and corrects any problems when asked. This apparently utilizes some specilized monitoring eqipment not in the normal arsenal of an electrician.

    For all my ponds I use a titanium rod connected to a nuetral ground circuit. I don't know if any problems actually exsist, but at least some precautionary effort has been implemented.



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      for the benefit of other viewers and not you two, when it comes to electrical and koi ponds, all of your circuits need to be on ( what they call in america-different names in other parts of the world) GFI-ground fault interrupters. Inexpensive for what they do, they sense water and electricity and shut an outlet down automatically so that humans or fish will not be shocked or injured!
      well worth the investment.
      Dick Benbow


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