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Koi Club of San Diego Eighteenth Koi Show

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  • Koi Club of San Diego Eighteenth Koi Show

    The weekend of March 5-6th in the Activity Center at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in sunny Del Mar, California 208 Koi vied for the coveted title of Grand Champion. After the smoke had cleared a Gin/Rin Showa owned by Vaughn and Kim Monis came away with the title of Grand Champion. This fantastic koi according to Vaughn is a size 5 (18"-21"), 3 years of age and was bred by Ogata Koi Farm.
    Vaughn and Kim did not stop at just the Grand Champion award, they also took home the Best Mature award with a Size 6 Kohaku. The Best Young award went to a Size 3 Shiro Utsuri owned by Galen and Maureen Hansen. The Best Baby Champion went to a Size 2 Taisho Sanke owned by Sam Afran. Non-Gosanke Champion award went to a Size 7 Gin/Rin Ochiba Shigure owned by Roger and Eleanore Phillips.
    Enjoy the pictures of the winning Koi, starting with Grand Champion on the left and ending with No-Gosanke Champ on the far right.
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    Koi Club of San Diego Eighteenth Koi Show (con't)

    The Best in SIze awards went as follows:
    Best Size 7 - Roger and Eleanore Phillips' Hi Utsuri.
    Best Size 6 - Carolyn Swanson's Kujaku
    Best Size 5 - Vaughn and Kim Monis' Shiro Utsuri
    Best Size 4 - Vaughn and Kim Monis' Shiro Utsuri
    Best Size 3 - Jim Smith's Gin/Rin Showa
    Best Size 2 - David Nguyen's Shiro Utsuri
    Best SIze 1 - Cindy and Tom Graham's Kohaku

    From left to right Best Size 7 to Best Size 1


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      Thank-you for sharing the pictures! I always liked the level of competition at this show. Recognized many of the names of the winners. A few were missing which means Joe must not have entered anything.

      even tho the photo was for a shiro utsuri, I still recognized an asagi (GR)
      Dick Benbow


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        Great eye Dick....I was wondering if you would notice the Asagi I snuck in for you....


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          Thanks Garry!

          I think in most shows the eyes are always focused on gosanke. But as a koi keeper expands in knowledge it's good to begin to be able to identify and appreciate the sterling qualities of other color varieties.

          yes a show displays the best of our breeders work but it also identifies those keepers who know how to keep their koi well.

          Last night was a joy for me when friends from Spokane came over to visit

          prior to the Pacific Northwest Koi Club Association meeting this weekend. My favorite koi, the Asagi "kimiko" has really improved and it was nice to have others recognize that. BTW they also commented how crystal the water was. I can only attribute it to the BH media and 3 tray shower. The last few days I've been slowly raising the temp and they're up to 65 and eating like no tommorrow!
          My smaller asagi they thought had doubled in size. She's displaying too much red for my tastes but her asagi han is coming nice and I think her face is gonna be white as opposed to kimiko's pale blue.

          Another month and I can clean the outside pond and get it up for the move out. A drought just got declared in washington state so I'm anxious about impending water restrictions. I may continue to cut my numbers and I'm tempted to tear the building apart they're in and rebuild it totally with clear panels to allow in all the light I can get.Including the roof.

          meanwhile while I await koi developments, I've been working with my bonsai, repotting and watching the day my day progress of color on my larches!

          in an hr or so I'm off to the blueberry farm to do the last cull of all the varieties I bred last year.kinda excited to see what's happening......
          Dick Benbow


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            Great pics GaryC. Glad to see you had a swell time. You going to Gardena?

            Dick, you got everyone taking pics of Asagi! Your like the asagi king now..
            It's a living creature (chit happens)


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              Garry ~ thanks for sharing your pics. I'm looking forward to Gardena, see you there...



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                Dick, nice that there are people who enjoy other varieties. Years ago I had a koi from each of the varieties that are recognized by ZNA. I don't now because I had to thin out my pond. Maybe with the next pond.

                Yes, I will be at ZNA Gardena. In fact I will be helping the ZNA Gardena Show much as I helped the San Diego Show....Benching Friday evening, Saturday morning and one of the Judge's Coordinators during the Judging portion of the show. I will be taking lots of pictures of koi aas in San Diego, but they will be loaded into the show computer for use during Judging. I will get my personal pictures Sunday and will post when I can.

                So KB types and others stop by and say hi...
                BTW, here's to you Dick..enjoy!


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                  I might not go to Gardena, have to work and make some OT money!! For those of you going have fun.
                  The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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                    Garry -- I purchased a laptop with DVD-RW on Friday so I should be able to burn a CD or DVD with the final database and/or all the pictures for the show(s). And you won't lose your pictures to my machine.

                    I look forward to the new DB -- plan to use it on the SFBAKC show in mid May. I highly recommend getting a CD or DVD burner for any show!


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