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Video of Koi Parasites & Diseases

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  • Video of Koi Parasites & Diseases

    Koi Parasites & Diseases

    YouTube - Blood Drawing for KHV Test

    Blood Drawing for KHV Test (above)
    For more information on KHV testing
    visit Koi Health| Koi Lab| AKCA Project KHV

    YouTube - Costia

    Costia Fish Parasite (above)
    (Ichthyobodo necator)
    Treatment: ProForm-C

    YouTube - Fish Lice

    Fish Lice Parasite (above)
    Treatment: ProForm-LA, Dimilin

    YouTube - Dactylogyrus Gill Fluke

    Gill Fluke Fish Parasite (above)
    Treatment: PraziPond Plus, Fluke Tab, Trichloricide

    YouTube - Skin Fluke

    Skin Fluke Fish Parasite (above)
    Treatment: PraziPond Plus, Fluke Tab, Trichloricide

    YouTube - Ich

    Ich Fish Parasite (above)
    (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis )
    Treatment: Proform-C, Salt

    YouTube - Chilodonella

    Chilodonella Fish Parasite (above)
    (Chilodonella cyprini)
    Treatment: Proform-C, Salt
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    Thank's , This is great info to view .
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      Originally posted by HEADACHE6 View Post
      Thank's , This is great info to view .

      This should be a great help for many of us who scrape & scope.


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        Brand new to this need help

        I started up a Koi pond, that existed prior to having any koi in it, transfered 4 koi from one pond to the other, all seemed to be fine after the initial transfer, now they are hand feeders, like to be petted, but it's apparent that they have some sort of parasitical condition, few bumps, few light spots, in a couple of spots you can visibly see, what looks like a white pointed barb or some sort. Was reading a post in here yesterday, and read that salt can be added. Does any one know how much salt per gallon, the pond is approximately 545 gallons. what is the ratio of salt per gallon of water, I would greatly appreciate some feed back, as like I'm really new to the KOI world, suddenly inherited about 15 KOI, wanted to train a few to be human friendly, thats worked but I hadn't noticed this condition when they were in the other pond, which is pretty murky. This pond is clear, they were use too, some pretty muddy stuff, found out they love eating watermelon and peas. But would like to try a salt solution, as the antibiotic seemed to heal the white spots, but still something else is going on, Thank for your time, Tammy


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          Do you see anything in any of the video's that looks like what you are seeing? What you describe sounds sort of like Anchor Worms, but without pictures it is tough to tell.

          Salt helps with certain bugs, but not at all with others. You want to know for certain what you are actually dealing with before you start treatments as certain medications do not play well together and you want to use only what is actually needed.

          While we're at it, describe the "pond" in detail. It is painfully small at only 545 gallons and most of that size are shallow water gardens laden with rocks and plants, horribly underfiltered, and poorly aerated, none of which is good for Koi. They are great habitats for disease and parasitic infestations though.
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