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  • bekko

    I purchased a bunch of koi this past spring and I have a bunch of bekko koi in the batch, I have noticed that the shiro is turning blue. What is this and why is the shiro turning blue? The largest of the koi had blue when I got them and just thought it was a junk koi, even though it is a pretty koi. Any comments on what is going on?
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    i bred one the other week that went grey/blue overnight after knocking it out and breeding it.

    also i had this black fish i think its called a crow, yellow underbelly, it went grey also in the spawning tank, colour has come back black now though in about two weeks.

    maybe its just that stress thing that we were on about in another post that removes colours..
    i heard that once its gone it dont come back but i think there could be one of or both of two different things going on here. one stress removes colour and it can come back and the other when time and colour developement changes and it dont come back as per ussual but sometimes gets better.
    which one youve got happening i wouldnt know.


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      Bekkos are not bred but are a result of a sanke crossing which lost it's red.
      the blue/grey under the skin your seeing is the emerging black. Depending on the bloodline (matsunosuke) the black may come in heavy and then change and move. Don't be too anxious to give up on the koi just because of the black especially if it has good white.
      Dick Benbow


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        Well they did look like they were going to be bekko koi and now I guess they will be all black koi because the shiro is not their anymore. The sumi that was on the koi was very black and now with the blue comming in, if that is to turn black the whole fish will be black. the koi I am talking about are only about 4 inches.


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          If those fish were doitsu, then I would see the Shiro actually being blue, probably from Shusui in the woodpile.


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            Yep you may be right. I purchased the little guy last spring and they had not been culled yet. I only see two koi out of the one hundred koi that I think will be ok, I think one is going to be Ochiba but not real sure yet as the koi has some yellowing in the head, this may be due to the age of the koi and size but I am not sure. It has the patten of the Ochiba but the color is not so good, since I have not saw what a young Ochiba looks like I cant say for sure.


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              Hi Dick I wounder if I put these koi in a mud pond will the shiro improve. Tell me what you think, do I need to keep or cull.


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