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  • Omosako Shiro tosai

    I would like too know what everyone thinks of this shiro utsuri either good or bad. I purchased it at the central florida koi show and it was bred by Omosako and is in the 6-6.5" range.
    I welcome all responses and please be brutally honest.
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    First off got to ask you why you bought the Shiro? Was it because it was Omosako? Well, Omosako is best known for there indigo blue sumi and "Toilet bowl" white. The Shiro is not bad, I like it. For what it is now, it only has time to develop....
    The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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      I bought this fish because shiro utsuris are my favorite variety and I had space in my pond for 1 more fish. I also have great trust in the dealer.
      I really liked the shiroji on the fish and from reading the articles from koi-bito about Omosako it seems his fish come in all different flavors. Some have the kage type sumi, some have the sumi that show up in specks, and some have the sumi that is on the surface early.
      Thanks for the critique and I hope there are many more.
      Did I make a good purchase?


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        I of course cannot be 100% sure, but I think you got a male koi that will finish early (within the next 18 months).

        When asked about selecting yearlings, Omosako himself said that "at this age I would picjk out koi that have only underlying sumi", he also said that his best koi show their final sumi between 3-4 years of age.

        Omosako in recent years has been experimenting with Sanke blood for better sumi, he has also acquired Showa breeders. We have Omosako koi that have developed small secondary hi after 3-4 years (very small, but there).

        The journey for better Showa/Utsuri sumi has only started and one must expect mishappenings (like stray hi showing up after 3-4 years).

        The best bet is to buy a 4 year old fish.

        For what's it worth


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          Buying any Shiro Utsuri at this size is like swapping Xmas gifts two years in the box in two years (or four) and see what you got.
          i wouldn't get too upset with the sumi that is up right now, it might just be baby sumi and will disappear and then you'll see only submerged sumi and will like what Omasko has been quoted as saying.
          The truth: There isn't anything that saids you made a bad purchase...yet, what was that about secondary hi after four years?


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            I recall seeing your little one. Very strong impression in person. The Shiro is very good. The pattern is appealing. I'd guess it is male, but who can be sure at that size? The head should clear over the next year or so, although the yellowish tone may stay longer. I think he is a good addition, but finishing early. Body proportions are consistent with a moderate-sized koi in adulthood. I think you have a quality Omosako male that will draw a lot of attention.


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              i think in the spirit you asked the question, It's a beautiful koi and I'm sure your gonna enjoy watching it develop. Shiro and matsukawabake were my first loves
              and i can appreciate a sharp looking black and white koi. very schick!
              Dick Benbow


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                Thanks everyone for the comments. Much appreciated.


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                  As others have stated, you really cannot tell how a shiro will turn out when you buy them that young. My Omosako shiro that won Young Champion last weekend looked absolutely BUTT UGLY as a tosai. Ray Abell showed me an article in a Japanese Koi magazine of my shiro comparing it from tosai to nissai. As a tosai it had hardly any visible sumi and the most awful looking yellow head. But it look at it now!

                  Good luck with yours.

                  Orlando, FL


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                    That's the ticket Henry . Veri nice shiro utsuri!

                    The issue is in the "bet". Best shiros at show age are ugly ducklings as tosai, and only a few will make the grade as show koi. Some will loose all sumi bu age 3.

                    The alternative is to by an expensive shiro utsuri at 3-4 years.


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                      What was the way that you could guesstimate their size something about the distance from tip of thier mouth to the eye ball being longer or shorter than from the eye to the gill plate?


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                        Omosako Shiro Tosai

                        Great choice RobR!
                        You almost got it all.
                        Your Omosako Shiro Tosai has:
                        + soon to be seen menware between eyes
                        + good shiro white base skin
                        + balanced, proportionate wrapping sumi pattern
                        + sumi seen on nose, head, fins
                        - except motoguro not seen as classically identified with a Shiro
                        An upcoming impressive Tosai to watch over!


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