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  • Idenify anyone?

    A friend of mine offered me 2 koi (they were given to him and he had no room for them) I was wondering if could idenify them for me?
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    RichLane :D
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    First fish: Hariwake(Domestic)
    Second fish: Kin Hi Utsuri(Domestic)
    The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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      Thank you very much aquitori
      RichLane :D


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        Do any of you have a link to a site with say a picture next to the names for the fish? I think its amazing you can just spout off the names. Is it something that you just learn from someone else saying "see that white on the head and red...." and then saying that is what makes a (insert name here) or did you study it in a book or on a site.


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          Hi Tamus

          There are many excellent websites which will help you to identify and fully appreciate koi. One of my favourite websites is: The names of the varieties are usually below the illustrations.

          An excellent books is: 'Koi Appreciation - the first step' by Kate McGill (ISBN1-86126-468-2)


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            you'd be amazed at the number of new color varieties being worked on.
            Every once in a while I run across them as a bencher for a show when the owners says they don't know what it is but they want to enter it!
            Dick Benbow


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