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  • Tamus' newbie questions

    Moved it to a new thread to not continue off topic on the water change thread I will delete out my posts from that one.

    The 2000 gallon pump would be bringing water from my 400 gallon section up to my 500 gallon section so in effect shouldn't I beleive that it is 900 gallons worth of water I need to filter? I was told the more gallons you have going through your filters the better because more of the water is filtered more often. Also I will be moving the water 5 foot up which I am told will deminish my actual gph amount. The more water movement the less sediment and garbage will lay around to fester and more that will get to the filter? Last of all is I had a little waterfall of about 6 inches off of a 400 gph pump and the flow out of it was pretty weak and that was only moving about 3 foot up.
    Once again these are all assumptions based on a year of misinformation and in some cases flat out lies mixed with three weeks of actual learning from you all and your old posts.
    The Koi book is in the works my library here had one from 85' and another that was even older. My town is full of rednecks (no offense if you group yourself as such) that as I mentioned before thought my water garden would be a great place to store his minnows to keep them alive between fishing trips.
    I plan on taking a little trip this weekend to a "real" pond store and see what is going on. My wife is really paranoid about credit info (as am I seeing the nearly daily news articles about databases getting hacked and hundreds of thousands of people account information getting stolen) over the computer as to why I don't just get it that way.
    Thanks again for all your help
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    The volume moved by a pump varies according to head pressure. The higher/longer the water is moved, the less the volume. Each pump differs. There should be a chart showing the volume your pump will move at particular heights, either among the papers that came with it, or available from the manufacturer/dealer. Check the manufacturer's website. Pumps sold for waterfall use are often high volume, low head, meaning that volume drops off quite a bit as water is moved much of a distance.

    You are filtering 900 gallons, but it is in two connected ponds. My concern relates to the current velocity and having quiet areas for the fish to rest. I like to turnover the pond volume once every 40-60 minutes. More than that and I'd get concerned about the fish having to swim against current most/all of the time. But, in a large pond there are still quiet areas. If your pump moves just 1500 gph, you will be turning over each pond every 15-20 minutes.


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      oklahoma koi society, look it up on the web. look for chuck downs. his email address shows in the club directory. He and his wife are as smart as any koi kichi anywhere in the world. if I were you I'd make a contact. I ran across them in 2000 on a guided trip to breeders in japan with Peter waddington.

      if you want a reak book to study get peter waddington's koi kichi 1 (not 2 )
      Dick Benbow


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        Thanks Mike I never thought of it that way and of course you are right I am not trying to have salmon in my pond afterall.

        Oklahoma Koi Society thanks for the message I will check them out and maybe come back in a year or so when I know more about things. I appreciate all of your guys' help and the information I have learned from your posts.
        Good luck with your koi and hopefully I will hear about one of your new borns winning something big in the future.


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          Todd, know that we'll always want to be able to help and your welcome here!
          Good luck on your journey.
          Dick Benbow


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