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Skin Quality vs Scale Quality

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  • Skin Quality vs Scale Quality

    Okay gang, just moved my question in its own thread...would appreciate further discussion regarding Skin Quality. Especially how it relates to different parts of the koi (head, shoulders, tail bottom, etc.)

    I would like to know if skin quality and (scale quality) have any relationship with each other? Much like the comparison of cotton fibers compared with silk fibers...Is the presence of smaller or tighter scalation possible indicator for a better chance of developing high quality skin? Would be funny if there was a relationship....I can see it now...everyone would be counting rows of scales on the koi before purchasing...."Hey Joe, how many rows you got on that one..." Hahaha...Just wondering...I had to ask.
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    I do count asagi-han scales (rows) on my asagi before purchase. usually by 2 on narumi you can tell how many are developing, if it's one row short I won't purchase.
    Dick Benbow


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      Thanks Dick,

      I have to admit that the more I look at asagi, the more and more I like them. I still do not care for the heavy hi on the bodies and faces...but maybe with time...when my pond is done I will definately need to get one. Who is you favorite asagi breeder?

      Is this topic a more towards a koi secret? I was hoping for a huge debate or at least discussion on scale and skin tendencies as koi develops.


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        speaking of asagi,can anyone tell me why the head of my gin rin asagi turned grey????

        has this something to do with my pond or is the asagi of poor quality???
        and if there is a way to get his head white again,what's the secret???
        groeten wilco


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