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Glassfibre and recoating

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  • Glassfibre and recoating

    We are planning on expanding our pond. We have a pond liner at the moment but would like to do it properly in fibreglass. However we have heard rumours that that the pond will need a recoat in 5-7 years. Is that true? In that case a pond liner will be preferred as it lasts 20 years.

    Patrick & Maria
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    I know of fiberglass tanks which have been in use for 40 years. Have you looked into polyurea spray coating? Its impressive stuff.



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      My pond was fibreglassed 10-years agao and is still going strong. I dont expect to re-fibreglass it, or do anything to it, ever.
      Regards, Bob
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        Glassfibre and recoating


        I hope you will understand my Norwegian-Inglish.

        I'm shure that you make the right disission if you make the new pond in g.r.p.
        I can answer your question about the coating on glassfibre, because I am working with this material for some years in the boat bussines in Norway. If you do ewerything proporly with the grp. then it will be no problem for up to 50 years.
        Cracks will not appear as long as your ground arround the pond is preperd proporly.

        If you want to know more abbout making pond in grp. so just let us know.
        Tone - Truls -Petter
        Vogata NI


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          Hi guys, dumb PC I'm working off, but a new one is in hand.

          A GRP pond will out last it's owner, I've worked in the trade for 35 years.
          It may suffer from osomis, but it'll still hold water, no prob.

          PS this and Koiphen are the only boards I can post to at the moment.
          Sorry I'm not able to post much, but access is near impossible!
          Most of the time, I can't even get to read posts, let alone post myself.
          Normal service will soon be resumed.


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            Has anyone tried that spray on liner? Basically dig a hole and spray it with some kind of plastic....any thoughts on this..
            The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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              those of you interested on what is going on with new materials might want to have a look at polyurea elastomer applications
              Pond building might change quite dramatically with this material.
              Diego Jordano
              Cordoba, Spain
              A.E.K. web site
              pers. web site


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                The spray-on liner was demonstrated at the Orlando Koi show. It was something I was extrmely interested in. However, I was told that the cost was 7 times the amount of a EDM liner, and just about the same price of a marcite (sp?) pond. Sorry, that's too expensive for me!


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                  At this time, Anne, that is correct. The main benefits over concrete/gunite is the speed of construction, less risk of cracking and no need for sealant. Cost is not a reason to use it. Maybe it will become cheaper as it becomes more prevalent.


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