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Hosakai Asagi: for DickB and others to comment

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  • Hosakai Asagi: for DickB and others to comment

    Especially for Dick, if you remember in another thread some time ago, I ever posted a picture of an asagi from Hosokai. Born in June 2002, she was 42 cm on Jan 18 2004.

    I managed to measure and photograph her yesterday, March 26 2005. She is now 67 cm! - an increase of 25 cm in 14 months. I think the growth is not bad isn't it?

    Here she is:
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    that is good growth! and thanks for the photos! I wonder what you attribute to geeting her up that big. Low stocking? Big pond. magoi bloodline. Nozomi koi food?
    Dick Benbow


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      What factors contributed to her growrth? Well I don't know Dick. But here are some facts relating to the fish:

      Pond size: (4 x 7 x 2.5)m. That's 70 tons excluding the filter.
      Stocking level: I keep about 45 kois, ranging from 40 cm to 70 cm in size. I will reduce to 25-30 soon though.
      Bloodline; All I know is that she was bred by Hosokai. (Maybe you can't notice from the photo, but some red has already come out from under the belly and on the pectoral fin)
      Food: Previously I fed Saki Hikari 100% - Basic, Growth and Colour. But for the past four months, after discovering that some kois have pot-belly, I use only Saki for the Growth; for Colour, I use Momotaro or Hikari Excel/Spirulina depending on the availability.
      Water: Ph 8.5, TDS 90, Ammonia/nitrite/nitrate should be ok (honestly I have not taken readings for some time!)

      Hope the above informaton is useful.


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        Hey Thanks! that helps fill in some gapes. Actually, now i'm surprised she has done so well with all her neighbors. Will be inetresting to see what the fewer friends will have on her growth rate.

        I think you'd like her color even more if there was a safe and consistant way to get your PH down. say mid to upper 7's. But I'm sure with a pond full of various color varieties you can't program (like I do) for just one!
        Dick Benbow


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          Yes Dick, she has the best growth compared to all others in the pond; better even then my Sakai Ochiba, same age, which is now only 65 cm and is 2nd best in growth!

          As for Ph, being a full concrete pond without any coating, I am letting it to come down naturally, slowly through time. The pond is 14 months old now.


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            Thanks for the input back. I think with a lower PH her Blue would be more stunning!

            I'm getting anxiuous to hear back from Sakai - san in Isawa on my request for a hi shusui to raise in my outside pond. It's over 20 years old and the cement is mostly done dumping it's contents into the water. With my constant trickle, I am able to maintain the same PH as the source water!

            I have a two year old asagi that will soon be going into the growth pond. she is
            18 inches as a two year old and I hope she really takes off and gets big by fall.
            Quality Koi has a contest among all those growing koi with them for whoever's koi grows to be the largest at harvest gets to select another tosai for the following year! I'm hopeful just as you found your asagi to be the biggest grower, mine will be also. A koi kichi of mine has a Shusui going into the same contest so it may be a good contest!
            Dick Benbow


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              Wow the contest should be fun. Hope you will be the winner!


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                Thanks! I can use all the well wishes I can get! For sure I'll let everyone know!
                (win or loose)
                Dick Benbow


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                  Dick: With that Asagi, I think you already won!


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                    Originally posted by dick benbow
                    It's over 20 years old and the cement is mostly done dumping it's contents into the water. With my constant trickle, I am able to maintain the same PH as the source water!
                    Hi Dick,

                    Does this mean that if we have a new cemented pond (no matter what size it is), there bound to be chemical reaction that could affect the pH of the water ?. Do you have any site that I can read up regarding this ?



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                      Nanik: Unless the concrete is sealed, yes. Do a forum search for a thread begun by Kiky about a year ago on using phosphoric acid to adjust pH. It will give you a start.


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