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    Originally posted by aquitori
    You know it's funny how the price of this fish is set to what pattern it has at the moment...You can pay $1500 for the one on the end and bring it home it can become completely white..
    Ouch! I have one coming from Japan. I am really insterested in seeing what my water does to the sumi. Bummer if it ends up being a totally white fish!!


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      Kumonryu lovers:
      Dan, this is a Nagashi Matsakawabake. Female of 18 inches a all time favorite of timeless pleasure!
      How is she priced for that size? Very superb shoulder with good spread of Shiroji.
      Impressive, snowy, white, clean skin!

      Chris, soft/hard water is less critical to color. Stress or temperature are the determinants of color switch.
      Must be interesting. Share with all once color switches back and froth. A gaming good time! Kumonryu have repute as an evolving dragon set against a backdrop of clouds; as her name has suggested. From a totally black to totally white and back. Fun filled! Never bores! Will be exciting! Very!

      MikeM, thread reviewing brings back good time. Great that you enjoyed too! Madison, BK.


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        Royalkoi in EBAY

        Originally posted by Mike Mazur
        glad you have the chance at owning that kumonryu... at that size she should start to whiten her patch and really stand out. I have a bit different look, my fish is a mostly white with the everchanging black pattern. Don't have pic of it as it is an it yet at 9" and hard to tell the sex yet. 'av fish is going into its forth winter and is 28 inches long. Had a real close call with her las summer she got sick and managed to pull her through a beacterial prob just in time. As far as fish on ebay I did see one a lot like yours. there are a few very nice fish on the bay often one seller royalkoi always has some nice ones up not quite as awsome as your av fish but that one is a knockout.
        I bought a fish from Royalkoi in EBAY. It was smaller than adverstised and poor quality. The quality was not that obvious in the advertised picture. I do not believe it was imported from Japan. It looked more like homebred or from a local garden store.

        I did not leave a negative feedback because then he will make up some story and leave a negative feedback for me etc. I think most ebay customers do not leave neagative feedback these days. Simply, I do not recommend him.


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          Youch sorry to hear that, had not seen any of his fish in person but they all sure seem to look great when offered for sale. I was thinking of driving down to his place to see them in person and pick up a few, now I'm not so sure. It would be a long ride but for our fish we do go to extremes. I considder a long ride well worth it, sure beats paying shipping in a box as I have a 200 gallon "tank" I can and have moved fish with complete with airpump, waterpump, and an inverter to run them off the trucks power. Was hoping to see another beauty of a "k" and am shocked to see your experience was less than expected.
          " I'd rather a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy "


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            Royalkoi of EBAY

            Well, I have great experience in general with Ebay except this one. I liked the pictures from royalkoi in Ebay. Except the ones I bought were far smaller and inferior upon arrival. I think that he bought them from a local breeder or breeding them himself and selling in Ebay claiming that they are imported from Japan. The ones I bought could not be from Japan as most breeders will cull them. I guess buying live koi from Ebay is a bad idea. Shame on me. However, I heard good things about Japan Koi Online and decided to give that a try using my Ebay expertise. I just bought three Kohakus (11"-18") from Japan Koi online auction for $550 including shipping. I will let you know what they deliver next week. Cheers!


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              Wow! Sorry to hear your experience on your sight unseen koi. This is one of those things that koi should not be bought sight unseen. I understand that for some that live far away from decent koi dealers this is very hard.

              What I would suggest is to form a relationship witha reputble dealer. What this does is lets them know what you are looking for. Most reputable dealers want to make it right at anytime.

     has many reputable dealers from the US that I would not hesitate buying from....

              Once again sorry for your exerience but a good education for all of us nevertheless.

              It's a living creature (chit happens)


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                Where to get good Japanese kohakus

                Joe: Thanks. BTW, where did you buy your Kohakus from? Thanks again.


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                  Originally posted by butterfly
                  Joe: Thanks. BTW, where did you buy your Kohakus from? Thanks again.
         has some from Sakuma that are very nice. That photo of those in a tub are still availbale to my knowlege all very nice indeed.

                  Also some good deals on kohaks on from very reputable dealers.

                  It's a living creature (chit happens)


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