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goin' goldfish hunting in Nara

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  • goin' goldfish hunting in Nara

    Going to hop on a night bus tomorrow from Niigata to Kansai for a quick visit to Osaka,Kyoto, and Nara for the first time since i breifely visited them as a teenager.

    I'm setting my last day aside to go to Koriyama city on the outskirts of Nara city, which is supposed to be Japan's biggest producer of Goldfish. Hopefully I can find a some choice young ranchu and tosakin within my budget.

    Just wondering if any of you have and contacts there or specific breeder recomendations. I've been scourging the net for good info on picking these varieties, but I could certainly use some more advice if anyone has any.

    It may be to early in the year for the best selection anyways, I guess that like koi the early fall after the harvest is the time to make the best picks, but even if this is the first of a few trips over the year, I doubt I'll be able to resist bringing home a few.
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    Matt post alot of pics...I want to see Jumbo Size Ranchus if they have any...
    The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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      O.K., I give up. Have to ask: What is the big deal about Ranchu ? Every issue of electronic Rinko has articles on Ranchu ... in a koi magazine!! Have Ranchus become a fad or something?


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        I`ve always liked nice ranchu. Not that i have seen a lot of great ones in the flesh, but ever since i saw the great picture on the hikari sinking pellet bag, i have always wanted some nice ones.

        Also I'm moving from my small house this summer and as much as I plan to stay in the koi hobby I have to face facts that I am not going to be able to maintain a pond big enought for koi for a while, years even. So I think I want tor play arround with goldfish for a while. I'm really getting excited abuot Tosakin recently thought. Never saw any at home and had even heard that the breed had all but died out. However I have seen lots of nice ones in magazines in Japan and on the net of late, and dont feel i can resist them if i can afford them.


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          Originally posted by MikeM
          O.K., I give up. Have to ask: What is the big deal about Ranchu ? Every issue of electronic Rinko has articles on Ranchu ... in a koi magazine!! Have Ranchus become a fad or something?
          E-San, got me into them, never seen something so ugly yet so cute....
          The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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            Some types of Ranchu, plus Tosakin, Jikin and Wakin are bred to be viewed from the top like koi.



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              ya, i'm going to keep them all in tubs and tanks on the floor or on low shelves for exactly that reason. Like minni ponds. Should be able to keep them utlra over filtered much more affordably than my koi pond.

              Tosakin and Ranchu also need to be kept in shallow water to reach thier full potential, but interestly, for different reasons. If the water too deep, the water pressure will inhibit good lionhead growth on ranchu. And with tosakin a shallow pond/tank trains them to hold the thier tail up, so the look luke they are swimming arround in a big billowing kimono or ballroom dress.

              I have seen a lot of big healthy ryukin in deeper ponds, often living quite happily with koi, kind of a neat sight.


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                Matt, I have been looking for a good goldfish forum - the goldfish equivalent of Koi Bito. There seems to be lots of goldfish forums, but the quality of the information is very weak and nothing like what we find here. Do you have any suggestions?



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                  We saw some goldfish in Japan. Even saw them culling which was really fun to watch. Little flick of the wrist and the goldfish flew out of the net into a specific bowl. So cool.
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                    So how does the price of these goldfish compare to that of Koi?
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                      goldfish from japan are expensive! China and other places somewhat better.
                      But like things koi, you get what you pay for. many of my koi aquaintences
                      are members of a koi and goldfish club that has shows for both. One good friend who took all the top prizes in koi for about 5 years has now switched over to goldfish. he buys the GC for a mere fraction of what he used to pay for his koi counterpart. keep in mind they are not as long lived, can't tolerate superverm,
                      like shallower ponds than koi and have certain balance and intestinal problems because of the altered body shape. My take on em is I might not be interested in keeping them myself, but I appreciate a very good one of it's kind!
                      Dick Benbow


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                        There's a guy in Singapore who raises these goldfish as well as koi...seems to have a good background....He posts as "soelistyo", go to page 5, look for Bob Hart's post "Does the Beni of Homebread fair better" soelistyo was the last post...perhaps you can email him from this site....

                        Hope he can help you....

                        Aloha! Mike


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                          hallo Mike, you summoned me? how's life?

                          well well well... so you said before that you're too old and retired to remember details like where your pond is or if you have a wife. and evidently you also forgot you owe me a momotaro jumbo tosai.
                          yet i see now you are able to remember that i keep goldfish, simply from one passing conversation via the net that took place about half a year ago. what gives, buddy? (heh heh).

                          yes, i do still keep ranchu. in fact, i now have a share in a ranchu shop here in jakarta .
                          i used to keep a few champion fish from KorinKai ranchu association, but have sold them off since i decided to partake in the ranchu shop, now i just keep what we can't sell.

                          i'm not sure i can be of much help to Matt except for idle chit chat like what i post for koi. my partner (now he is singaporean) is the one making the monthly trips to Japan to source for ranchu. i can't recall off hand exactly which places in Japan he visits (the slipping memory is, sadly, a sincere one in my case ;-) ), as he sources them from private breeders who are contactly through their respective associations.
                          i keep mainly Ojima and Hamamatsu bloodlines of ranchu. Ojima in particular is a very old bloodline.

                          what i can say, is that the experience of keeping ranchu cannot be compared to koi cause the enjoyment is quite different altogether. one doesn't have to choose between either. both have their unique interesting points, and a rich culture of appreciation which has developed over many number of years. i hope matt finds what he was looking for in Nara and enjoys his new-found hobby. It's not a cheap one, mind you, and has lots of moments of heartbreak, but seeing those little creatures wriggle their tails as they swim in their tub will make you forget a lot of things that you want to.


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