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How to do surgery on koi?

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  • How to do surgery on koi?

    In my area, several kois in the hobbyists' ponds have developed a kind of tumor in the stomach (mine is also affected). It started like the koi is having a pot-belly. But then it keep on bulging till become very big. The koi got lethargic, lose appetite and in time finally died. Various treatment, including injection, have failed

    On occasions, our knowlegeable dealer open the stomach of the dead koi and found big lump, tumor like, or maybe hardenned fat?

    My idea is to do surgery on the koi before the disease reach end stage. But no one in my area has any such experience. Has anyone on this board has the experience on fish surgery. I would be grateful for any pointers, or step by step procedures to do it. Thank you.
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    Is this problem only with female koi? Ovarian tumors are relatively common. i have never performed surgery myself but have read lots of articles in magazines.
    you'll need to keep a sterile area for surgery. know how to properly make stitches. I know they used ringers solution to wash the inside of the body cavity
    when done. I think you need to develop the mentality that all you can do is try to help the koi. and if you fail a few times while learning, it might be a necessary loss that eventually may help you to save a few.good luck!
    Dick Benbow


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      Yes Dick, only female kois are affected. It is my opinion that we should do something, anything that has even a small chance of success, rather than just waiting for the fish to die. And I agree with you that in the process, we might lose some.


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        hei KiKi, have a look on, you'll have some informations for the anesthesy, but before operating you must know for sure what you are going to do. Are you going to operate the stomac or the ovary ?
        Then try to find a vet or a chirurgian that can help you, because if you don't know anything on chirurgy, the chance to make your koi suffering for nothing are great.


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          Thanks Marco. I'll have look at the website.


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