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  • New Momotaro Food

    Is anyone using the new momotaro koi food for there koi and if so how have you found it on waste, growth, colour etc

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    I wish we could get the food here in the States, would love to try it if we had access to it...I have only heard good things about it...Maybe our European hobbyist could share their experience with the food.
    The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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      Seems that the koï food industry is like the golf industry, each year they present something new, and people have the impression that they will improve their swing or that their koï will have more grouth and nicer colour with that new stuff.

      What's really ,new in that food ? Will my supermarket koï grouth like a monster with that food ?

      So today first april is the fish day, give them some more food I'm sure they will enjoy.


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        Unlikely, even if anyone was using it solely, that enough time has gone to offer any worthwhile observations. As with all things koi.. slowly, slowly, catchy monkey!
        For what it's worth, I used the previous food for sometime and found it comparable to other top end Japanese pellet foods, as with them all, from Japan, the freight makes them expensive but, in my experience, still well worth it, across the board, compared to UK produced foods.

        I see you're in France. How big is koi keeping in France? I have to say I didn't know the hobby was in France at all. What dealers do you or don't you have, where do you buy your koi from?

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          You're right Andrew, it's very difficult to find koi stuff and koi dealer in France, the Koi keeping is very confidential.

          I found a swiss guy in Montpellier who sell Koï comming from Japan, his name is Shutter and he create Koitropic with an internet adress wich is at the moment not avalable. A other internet adress that I found is, but the choise is not great and I use to buy a lot in UK (food, heater, skimmer ..). I also buy some koi in Belgium where I go to see my familly.

          I would like to find a Koi club here in France but I Didn't find any and I don't know enough about Koi at the moment to create one, but maybe later ...

          So why I'm please to learn a lot on this forum.

          Have a good week end, here the sun shine ...


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            Thanks for the information, and good luck with your koi hobby, seem's you have more than the usual hurdles to overcome!!

            Will you be visiting any UK shows? The BKKS National, last weekend in June, is well worth a visit.

            "Gentlemen prefer ponds"


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              I have been feeding with Momotaro food for a few months now. But I agree with Andrew that that's not long enough to have any conclusion. Further more I also feed other brands, which will make it even harder to judge. I just take the benefits of the doubt that it is good koi food, as a lot of people seem to say so.


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                How new is new?

                Has Momotaro recently brought out something new,or are we talking about the seaweed based feed that has been out for a while?



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