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    Hi All
    I have put some pics of all the fish in my new pond up for you to look at.
    I bought each of these fish because i liked something about them.
    In the purist,s eyes some may be of poor quailty but i dont care i like them.

    What i would like to ask though is can someone tell me what type they are as i dont really know
    Its more out of curiosity really

    many thanks fellow koi keepers

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    devotion to one's koi is not to be under appreciated!

    My I congratulate you for your selection of a blue koi! The last one is shusui,
    the first douitsu koi color variety ever! and the only koi (so Far) to claim tokyo as it's place of origin. I'm still hopeful to find mine. Thinking some time in may!
    Dick Benbow


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      Hi dick

      I bought all mine from avenue fisheries in wyboston

      and yes as soon as i saw the Blue koi i had to but him

      not bad for £25

      they are trying to get me a Tancho next

      cheers bedskoi


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        Congratulation, most of them are nice .I might be wrong but I would call them in order: Doitsu Hariwake, Ki Bekko, Cream Ogon, Ginsui, Kohaku, Kinki Utsuri and the nice blue Shusui. (maybe some specialists will correct me)

        But most of them will change and some of them will even change the name.
        The first koï I receive for father's day was a nice girin yamabuki ogon (yellow metalic), a month later he turn girin kinki utsuri ( orange with black spot) and now he is quiete girin kinhi utsuri (red with black spots). I was hoping that he will change each year but I think trhat now he will stay like that.
        Take some picture it's very funny to see them changing.


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          I'm thinking the first three are: Doitsu Hariwake, Hi Bekko, Chagoi and the fourth is a yamabuki and the fifth might be a Doitsu Gin Matsuba (although Ginsui is a nice description too) but otherwise agree with macro.


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            Doitsu Hariwake, Aka Bekko, Chagoi, Yamabuki, Kikokuryu

            Kohaku, (not utsuri)?, Shusui


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              Philip has the right name for the second fish; Aka Bekko.

              Both Hi and Aka mean red but Aka is typically used for the Bekko designation while Hi is used for Utsuri. I dunno why.


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                A nice variety of types. You're going to have fun watching them.


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                  Wouldn't the one between the Kohaku and Shusui be an Aka Sanke?



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                    Could be, Steve. The photo may be showing some metallic shine on the pecs, so I can't say.


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                      Thanks for all your replies people

                      I will have to keep a record of all those names

                      I am glad that you liked my fish as i think they are great.




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