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Sansai Pull of a Chinese Breeder

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  • Sansai Pull of a Chinese Breeder

    The photos attached here are from a Chinese Koi website

    They were taken during and after the pull of their Sansai, all bred by themselves. The breeder is located in Guangdong or Canton Province, where the climate is sub-tropical.

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    more photos.....
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      Thank you, Yi.

      The size of that mud pond is impressive. I think they should have lowered the water so they did not have to swim with the koi. The growth seems very good. The Tancho in the one group photo deserves to be center stage. It is a photogenic fish, even if the maruten is imperfect.

      Is the breeder in the photos? If so, which one? If I had to guess, I would say the gentleman without a shirt is the breeder. He has that intent focus all breeders seem to have when they see their fish come up.

      The techniques used seem just a little different from the Japanese, but that pond is not typical either. Besides the concrete wall, there is an actual drop-off on the bank. Do you know if it is a man-made pond, or a modified natural pond?

      Do hobbyists attend pond pulls in China?

      ...So many questions, but I'll stop for now.


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        Hi Mike, sorry for the delayed reply. Because of the relatively cheap labour in China, the owner sometimes does not have to be a breeder I don't think the guy without the shirt is the owner, but he might be the actual breeder, of which I am not sure. Hobbyists do attend pond pulls but I guess not all fish farms would welcome hobbyists' attendance at all their pond pulls. More often than not, a typical day for the hobbyists at a farm's autumn pond pull would include a performance pond pull in the morning, a banquet at lunch and auction in the afternoon.
        About the concrete wall or bank, I have only see this at two farms, one is Momotaro and the other is a local breeder about two hours' drive from where I live and the purpose is to prevent unwanted stuff polluting the mud pond via, say, flood,etc. By looking at the pic, it seems to me that this breeder only has part of the pond walled up and I am not sure if that's for the same purpose. I'll ask when I visit them next time.
        I actully see workers using a ladder to get into the mud pond because of the high bank


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