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  • a page out of today's travels

    Well it was off to the blueberry farm to sort some 200 japanese tosai by grade and get them sorted for the new season.

    The domestics are still tiny but a few are beginning to show some growth. They need to put on a coupla more inches before they can go home with new "parents".

    A pond tour is being planned and about 5 ponds line up so far. A contest will be held among those hosting the event to judge the landscape, the filtration and other criteria. a big bar b q is planned around supper time for all participants. I think it will be fun and different. ( yours truely got roped into judging the filtration/water quality) Hint: If your blue fish is still blue and not black you just scored a few points!

    It was rainy and cool today and was surprised at the number of koi cracies wandering around looking at koi. I came home and cranked up the heater to 64 F and fed the Asagi a little color enhancer to perk back up the red.

    spent quite a few minutes going thru the cedar 2X4's to build another bonsai bench. They are expensive! and I couldn't find a straight one in the bunch!

    this month at the koi club we're having one of the officers from Puget Sound Bonsai come and speak to us about the hobby.

    it was a full day. I plan on getting a "spot O' tea " this evening and going back thru the last Asagi edition of KB. looking forward to the next one!
    Dick Benbow
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    Sounds like a perfect way to spend a day.


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      Not bad. Today picked up a friend's tancho kohaku (29 inches long) and scraped it and slipped in a q tank. was the prettiest shade of pink while traveling you'd ever did see! within a minute after let loose out of the bag, the pink was markedly improved! remember when it was purchased in japan a few years back as an 18 incher!
      Dick Benbow


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        Dick, will you let me know about the pond tour? As you know, I want to see everyone's plumbing!! Spoke with my architect yesterday about your idea to create a koi "raceway" around the greenhouse. Turns out he was in fisheries before he got into architecture. Just the kind of challenge enjoys!


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          dang it Dick, wish I could of helped out ... but alas I am among the working ranks again.



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            Good for you Chris. Always nice to find a helping hand out there! The tours are
            scheduled for june. I'll chat about timing as we get closer.

            Lester Congrats! Get the job, get settled in and then we'll get together again.
            Glad to hear your back out of the statistics!
            Dick Benbow


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