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Another guy from the Pacific Northwest!!

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  • Another guy from the Pacific Northwest!!

    Hi guys('n gals)! Since Brian finally got me squared away (hard to do when you tend to be more amoebalike) I can now tap into the forum. I get the impression I need to intro myself a bit. So...

    fish 40 years

    koi addiction (my wife made me say this or I'd have to go to my room and not finish the post) 10 years

    Biology teacher

    Breeding the last 4 years (koi that is)(dang can I say that??)( dand again. can I say "dang"?)

    Did I say I had 2 grandkids? (oldest one's "first words" as I held her 5-6"over the breeders' pond while dropping fishfood were "WOW"!!! really ticked off her dad who was hoping for "daddy".)

    Cultivate longfins (we do that here in the PNWest)

    NI board lurker

    KoiB lurker and now "poster"!

    TA DA!!
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    Welcome aboard!


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      Dang! it's nice to have you posting on this board! (LOL)

      If I had to guess your probably the guy my friend Dan from Pacific Koi

      told me about!

      So drop me a line off the board and let me know where in the evergreen state you reside.

      Longfins heh? I always thought one in a group of regular wagoi's got your attention but don't know if I could deal with an entire pond of them. Now maybe if you have a pond full of asagi's, I'd think it'd be alright!
      Dick Benbow


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        I'm glad to talk to a person who is not afraid to say on a high powered koi board that they like longfins.

        I like longfins too. But recently I sold them all, three grand champs and three never shown, for a whole lot of money too, boxed them up and flew them to a lady in Georgia who has nothing but Butterflies. She has a big proper koi pond. They could not have gotten a better home.

        Oh, yes, Mr. Benbow, one was a perfect full red trim Asagi with a marutin head spot. Alo an Orengi, my first butterfly koi, a Yamabuki my first champion, 2 tancho Showas and the butterscotch colored GC butterfly of the Koivet koi show. All were 30 + inches. This lady just loves them.


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          Each to their own Lady, personally I can't stand 'em.

          But you are not alone. This pic was lifted from the National Geographic site, taken from within the grounds of the Emporers palace in Tokyo.

          So you are in good company. Theres even an Asagi in there.

          rgds BERN

          South East Koi Club


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            Princes of Japan

            Thank you for posting that picture, Bern.

            See? The Prince of Japan likes what he likes and does not care what other's think. He could have the best in the nation and look what pleases his eyes. Was it not the childlike eyes of the 16 year old prince of Japan at the turn of the century's world's fair that started the amusements of a few poor farmers in Niigata onto the world stage? The the prince wanted some of the pretty red and white carp for his moat and all the aristocrats and foot kissers followed suit. So the craze spread across the world. Good thing the prince did not have a pre concieved notion about the way carp should look.

            It is fashionable on some boards to have a longfin slamfest. Fooey on you all who join in Trying to make some people feel bad about their taste in koi? What kind of koi bito is that?

            I sold all mine because I wanted to use the 5000 gallon pond for two wagoi princesses.


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              I don't want to rain on your parade but that ain't the moat. I think he keeps these seperately inside the grounds. I'm only guessing but I don't think they'd want them to inter-breed. The moat koi are all wagoi and include some pretty old Matsuba varieties. Like 'em or loath 'em, I don't think intermediate hybrids would improve either strain.

              Over here the longfins seen for many years were a mottley looking bunch that made you think that no culling had taken place at all.

              It wasn't until I visited the San Diego show in 2001 that I actually saw any long fins of any decent size, and more importantly, recognisable varieties.

              But they still do nothing for me.

              I too have indulged in a bit of Longfin-slammin but in private with my koiclubs sister club in Oregon.

              rgds BERN
              South East Koi Club


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                I Knew It!

                I knew it! I knew it! Throw out THAT word and there'd be a stir in the waters! Hey, my first breeders came out of Japan! Later, China.

                (Dang, I didn't even know I was in such good company as the royals!?)

                Bern...Great picture!! Thanks. It's on my "desktop" now. (I bet even Dick would consider that Asagi. uh hu.)

                Shiromujigirl, my friend, my compatriote my my sure you're not my granddaughter in disguise!? Say "WOW" for me. I'll know. Actually my longfins pay for all of my gosanke, etc.

                I have a 90+ Japanese godmother who names ALL koi "fishcakes". Seems as if her father messed around with these fishees about in her younger days and the "culls" guessed it! If it wasn't for the twinkle in her eye (or the threat of a swim) I'd think she was serious.

                Brett, I think, once commented on LF's. I think it was in regards to not wanting to waste the water and that he needed it for gosanke & friends. Tell me more.


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                  Not sure if that lovely pond existed back at the turn of the century, by that I mean early 1900's, maybe just the moat back then?

                  Last time I talked to Brett he was considering buying some brood stock from Vance here in Texas, who's foundation hen is a magic fish bred by Suda, and start breeding longfins on the side. Because although Brett is an artist he likes money. And longfins do sell like hotcakes. But then, to people who have eyes like children.

                  I hear some of the best longfins in the United States belong to a Mr. Coo in Southern California, mostly bred by Suda.


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                    I have nothing against longfins. Just never saw one that was worth the food it would eat. But, I have an open mind and await the day when I do find one worth what I feed. Maybe I need to start feeding corn meal?


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                      to the new guy from the northwest!
                      Hi , I got your private email thru koi-bito and sent you a long newsy answer and immediately had it returned. i also did not receive the one earlier that you asked if I'd received. if worst comes to worst drop me a private message thru bito with your phone number and i'll call.
                      I looked at your profile and saw bonsai so we need to chit-chat!
                      Dick Benbow


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