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Koi are such strange things!! Koi breeding can kick you and then kick you again!

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  • Koi are such strange things!! Koi breeding can kick you and then kick you again!

    4/5 months back I posted a photo on this board a koi I stated would turn shiromuji. I was not happy with the hi as a whole and especially the kiwa.

    Some of you will remember in September,I had a disaster when the weather turned, losing koi in one pond, due to lowering atmospheric pressure dropping DO levels below safe. Heart break, but a big learning point.

    I lost my best koi, but around half surived, one of these was the one posted which I believed would lose it's hi. Well with not so many koi to watch, this one started to draw my attention, it's hi was improving to a point where I started classing it as beni ( beni is high class red, hi is just red!).

    This kohaku, along with it's siblings spent the winter in the mud pond, as the quality of them did not justify winter growing on in heated water. At the start of this year I harvested this pond, at that point I could see this one koi had improved no-end. At that point a good friend Cliff Neale asked if I had any interesting home bred koi he could grow on ( Cliff is enthusiastic about English bred koi and feels it's possible to produce show winners from the UK), I offered him this one and two others. He snapped them up and they headed for Berkshire.

    I put a little proviso on the above mentioned kohaku, that if it was suitable when older I would like to use the koi as Oyagoi (parent koi), time will tell.

    It just goes to show, I have learned to predict how many koi will turn out, but NOT ALL. Fingers crossed!
    Photos to follow.
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    Looking forward to the pics, Maurice. Re-gaining Hi is not the usual topic!


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      if you read the story of how daiinichi started (mano-san) he had a similar experience of loosing his best crop with only a few surviving. these then went on to become his parent koi for what is now his son's bloodline that carries their name. I too would like to see pics
      Dick Benbow


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        Hi Maurice,

        If i remember rightly last year you bred Sanke, Kohaku and Shiro ?
        Did you or are you breeding any showa ?
        How have you chags turned out this year?
        koi, a life of learning


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          Hi Maurice,

          I am sure you have some stunning koi out of you harvest and i think you will have some high class show winners on your hands soon.

          As for the koi changing and doing different things,thats what i like so much about koi they just don't do what you want and that keeps it very interesting.



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