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    I am working on putting together a seminar presentation on Koi History. I have a early book "live Jewels" that is mostly in Japanese with some of it translated into English. I am getting some of the sections that describe known dates and original inventor/breeders of key koi varieties translated into English as well. I am hoping that someone can assist me with the following items on my wish list:

    I am looking for color or B/W photo's of koi and/or Niigata area koi facilities/breeders taken before 1968 especially the 20's & 30's.Especially one of the first GR Kohaku bred in Hiroshima in the 1950's and sold for $30,000 US way back then.

    I am hoping to learn more about koi survival during WWII. Who/where/how/why type of questions.

    If anyone can help with this quest by pointing me towards a source it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Ray I think you should talk to JR, he might fill some of your early years questions.
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      I have a really good book called "the Ultimate Koi" by a guy called Nick Fletcher it has two chapters called "The history of Koi" and "Koi then and Now" - may pay you to borrow this from a library to see if it is of any use.

      I'm sure you are past this in terms of knowledge but you never know.


      Here in the UK a guy called Peter Waddington has done two books called KoiKichi and Koi2Kichi. They might be of use or you could try contacting him directly to see if he can help.
      He has a website sure you will be able to find a contact us section here.

      Notice you live in San Antonio, Texas - i will be there myself in October for the World Skeet Championships. Plan on Checking out the Alamo. Anything else that is a must not miss thing to do while in San Antonio. I will have about 3 spare days while not competeing.

      Hope i have been a help.



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