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Video from Australian Koi Assoc. Auction

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  • Video from Australian Koi Assoc. Auction


    Took some video of todays auction, all Australian koi are home bred.

    click here for a streaming video.

    This auction was held at Auburn, Sydney. There were about 150 bins in all. Most bins had this years spawns for sale. There were some very nice showas and asagi culls for sale.

    There were not as many large koi as usual, but there was enough quality.
    Some bins with 20 odd one inch koi sold for AUD$100. Bins sold for under AUD$200.

    There is a 40cmish Showa early in the video that I think sold for AUD$150.

    As usual there were plenty of accessories for sale and info on joining the koi club. There were plenty of first timers - not yet koi keepers snapping up information.


    Bradley Bradley
    Host: Australia Koi Forum
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    Thanks for the video! Sure were a lot of buckets of fish. That midorigoi could hardly fit.


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      interesting! thanks for keeping our board in the link with your activities!
      anytime i see the word asagi, i have to take a look!
      Dick Benbow


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        Cool, thanks for the link. It's nice to see the hobby on that side of the world. I like the Red face Asagi...
        The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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