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    Hi My name is Michele Wickman.
    > I love your site! I have been referring to it for information. I was
    > wondering though if you can answer a question for me, I have recently
    > filled a brand new above ground 2500 gallon
    > koi pond. It was perfectly crystal clear for about one month. Now though
    > it is getting a pretty decent amount of algae bloom in the water. My
    > pond is 4 feet deep and as a fish descends to that depth
    > his or her white scales appear green in color indicating to me that the
    > water is getting a considerable amount of algae. I have a 3000 gallon
    > Bio Filter from Wlim also their UV sterilizer, for that capacity. All
    > installed by a professional pond builder. Unfortunately, he is very ill
    > and I feel uncomfortable troubling him with this problem at this time.
    > Can you please tell me if I'm doing anything wrong. Feeding too much...
    > is this the natural progression of a pond finding it's normal levels of
    > bacteria...etc...
    > I really was enjoying that perfectly clear water! Also is it a good idea
    > to vacuum your pond bottom ( of course with a pond vacuum , run by a
    > garden hose). Thank you so much for your time.
    > I 'm new to all this and would really appreciate any help you could
    > offer. All the best Michele.
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    The gallons per hour going through the UV is the key.

    How big is the pump? (Brand & model # is fine) How many watts is the UV? (model # is fine)

    It is also best to leave the UV off for the first couple of months until ammonia and nitrite cycles happen. Let the green go and keep an eye on the ammonia and nitrites first.


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      welcome to the board. glad you found us. Jason is already asking some key questions and I'm afraid i must add to the list. Can you supply some water
      quality readings to include Ph and ammonia? I got an uncomfortable feeling when
      I read that you can use a pond vacuum. Does this mean you don't have a bottom drain?
      Dick Benbow


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        In addition to what Jason and Dick have said, you should understand that it takes approximately 1-2 years before a pond really settles in and what you're going through is a natural progression of breaking in a new pond... We have a new 1700 above ground pond with an aquabead filter rated at 3500 gallons plus a DIY bakki shower (BS) rated for 2000 gallons. The BS was moved from an existing pond so the biomedia was already established when we added our koi (8) ranging in size from 5 - 21". Although all our readings for Ammonia, Nitrites and Nitrates have been in the safe zone it took 4-5 months for the water to become crystal clear.

        You can do the following to help speed the process of eliminating the algae... purchase some 1/4" Black plastic mesh material (usually come in 3' wide rolls) and make 2-3, 18" diameter round cages. You can join the edges and ends with black plastic tys. Make sure there are no sharp edges by covering end seam with foam. Buy some Anacharis (an aquatic plant) from you local pet store and put 2-3 bunches in each cage. Place the cages in the pond...The Anacharis will compete with the algae for CO2 and eventually the algae will disappear. Great for controlling string algae.

        The cages protect the plants from the koi and helps to keep the plants out of you filter... You should check your leaf trap daily to ensure that leaves that may break off the plant don't clog the trap.
        After a week or so of clear water, pull one of the cages out, wait a week and remove the other. Save in a barrel in case you have to put them back into the pond.

        Good luck with your pond... Aloha! Mike


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          Thank you guys for all the info!!! All the best Michele.


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