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  • whats happening on the farm

    My photo's are pretty similar of the auction to keokoi's, so I thought you might like to see these. The ochiba shigure is 115 cm and will be spawned this year at Momotaro, also in the same pond was a 120cm aka matsuba cant find my photo of that at the moment. I cant wait for the Autumn as their might be many new variety's gracing momotaro's ponds, looking at the parent koi they have.
    photo 2 . preparation for spawning has begun already, as at friday 15th april

    photo 3 construction of new Fry ponds I think there was a total of 9 in all.
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    Joe was saying they caught that AKA Matsuba in the river...? Now that's a fish story about one that didn't get away. Also I heard alot of Seio's brothers and sisters are in that river somewhere....
    The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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      Thanks, Simon. I have to say that I really did not think Momotaro needed even more fry ponds .... and moving into Kawari?? Well, I guess if the focus is on super-jumbo, might as well.


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        Good Pics Simon.. It was hard to take a pic of Ochiba and Aka Matsuba. Quite large though in person. Good to know you made it back safe and sound.. Long travels for a short trip.. Joe
        It's a living creature (chit happens)


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          Nice to know Digital Cameras are a Hobbyist best tool..Glad to hear everyone had fun....
          The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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