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  • Fall Spawns

    I have been told that I can get a fall spawn. I was wondering will most of the fry would make it through the winter, or do you just get slower growth rates this time of year.
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    Need to know what the winter water temps will be in your area.


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      I spawned Kujaku in September last year.

      Waste of time, 90% came though winter, but they are not a sellable size this year. The best are only 2"!

      My view is not to spawn after July.



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        I echo the same sentiments as maurice. as Mike hints, you need to pour the heat and food to them in an expensive greenhouse operation!
        Dick Benbow


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          If by chance we have another winter like we had this past I had to feed my koi all winter long. We had only a maybe 4 weeks total of cold weather here. On and off all winter long. Since the koi have just spawned could I get anouther spawn by july or is this asking to much.


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            Your summer temps are much higher than Maurice's. You will be up around 85F in the dog days of July-August. In your part of the world, you usually get spawning in the spring at about 68F, and not again until the following year. I think it would take a lot of manipulation to get them to spawn in summer or fall. Unless you kept the sexes separate and artificially cooled them beginning yesturday, I doubt it would work. But, you never know.

            -steve hopkins


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              Reason I ask is one of the breeder here that I talked to says he gets a fall spawn and he lives at least one hrs. drive from here. He gives his koi shots to induce the spawn so do you think this is the reason they will spawn for him?


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                here we have breeding from september till about last week of february.
                no shots needed but seperation of sexes a must.
                still its seven months of possible spawning, im sure it is best in a four month window in big volumes of water, the later spawns sometimes dont come off at all..i think thats the season varying.
                many people with small temp variant ponds dont have such luxury.
                one pond is bred in three times a season if we need the numbers. however we sell nearly everything at < 6cm.

                sometimes a fish unseperated will not spawn and can be induced to spawn with injection. from my experience fish that have spawned once and left with males dont roe up as well and would result in reduced numbers with the injection anyway. shots would likely be used to produce some eggs that might not happen under normal management. its more certain.

                we most always try breed just before winter just so we can get more in case we run low before the first crop of the next season.

                it might be that the farmer is trying to satisfy a bait market and needs constantly small fish.
                for us, trying to keep summers fish small and into and beyond winter often leads to big heads and skinny bodies or fish too big to suit our target market.

                if they dont spawn its not the end of the world, just a bonus if they do spawn so we dont have to sell live bearers in place of them and wreck that segment with cheaper than usual fish that some shops buy in good numbers and slowly release at top dollar.


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                  YOur right this guy is in the bait bussiness so I guess it would not matter about quality. I do think I will wait untill next year and get some good spring spawns. I talked to Danny two weeks ago and he is wanting to get into some select breeding and wants to try at raiseing some good koi for the other market. He like Ronnie does not no one type koi from the other and has reacently purchased him a book on koi and is learning that you need to spawn koi type to type. He just has to figure out what type is what. He is selling all of his broodstock and going to replace with broodstock that are of better quality . I am going to buy a few of his old broodstock just to get started so it does not matter if they are of very good quality as I will sell cheap just to get rid of them. It will give me some experince I need when I spawn my good stock. I will be using Momotaro broodstock next year along with the unknown parent stock.


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                    I have noticed a few white eggs from the spawn and I know these are dead. I aslo noted alot of darker eggs, are these the eggs that are developeing? The spawn just happened 4-19-05 do they develope that quick? I have the eggs in the feeder pool as the spawning pool was not deep enough to put the lilies under the water. I also noted that I have alot more egg than I had first thought. I guess they were so small and clear that I did not notice untill they started turning. Help as I may need to get some brine shrimp started The temps here are still running a little cool here around the mid 50's at night. How long should it take before they hatch? The daytime temps are running in the high 70's


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                      I'd say at that temp, around 4 days, most of my spawns hatch in 3.

                      The September spawn I did last year was so hard, I did not want to inject the koi with hormones, but the water temp was heading up towards 30c, I tried several sets and finally one worked. But within a few weeks, temperatures were dropping and growth stopped.

                      I'm sure they would be growing well now as the temp is climbing well, but the poind space is needed for this season, so for me it's not cost effective.

                      A few were moved to heated water for the winter and are up to 6" now, but this is too expensive for the bulk.



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                        Thanks guys it sounds like it would just be a waste of my time and energy and money.. I guess my pond will just set empty this season except for a few koi.


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                          i spose its different in smaller ponds and different climes, in one million litres we can breed as the weather warms up after winter, late august/early sept. most local society members wait for the hotter weather that comes in october long weekend.

                          we can breed successfully without any hormones right through december and rather sucessfully into february. half way through feb and the weather begins to cool abit and the latest we can go is the begining of march. at this time we get a real cold spell. they tighten up and its over.

                          we havent got warm weather all year rouund either.

                          early in the season, september breedings we get very large numbers of eggs. i think its that its still a bit cold that we lose a lot to fungus.
                          same goes late in the year but weve got less eggs to begin with and less parents to use that do actually spawn.


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