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The effects of tint green water?

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  • The effects of tint green water?

    The effects of tint green water? Does it really condition the fish? Biologically is it safer than crystal clear water? Anyone have an opinion on this....
    The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.
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    Over the years after hearing people talk or reading articles etc on the value
    of green water, I have tried it many times. I could write paragraphs about the various experiences.

    bottom line: If i can't see what's going on with my charges in crystal clear water
    than I ain't interested.
    Dick Benbow


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      excuse my ignorance, is that tint from algae or something you can buy over there?

      algae indicates life, though it can certainly be somewhat up and down in its nature, a swinging environment.

      crystal clear water is non life but can be super steady, the fish is sustained through belly feeding while hopefully keeping water more than ideal for the unit swimming around getting fed from an external source.


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        The tint of green isn't from some chemical but from size of filter and no uv.
        The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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          My understanding is that green water is good for the koi.Water must be in good condition as my koi spawn every year when the water turns green in the spring. No foolin mother nature.


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            its algae cells then..

            kinda makes sense for a fish to spawn so its babies get fed.

            this is not to say that a provided clear water is bad, if nourishment on pellet.

            for arguments sake id like to compare a fish grown in a natural nutrient ladden pond on the ponds natural food supply to a clear one thats fed formulated pellet.

            id put my money on the green one, but this isnt the case normally is it.

            hypothetical. in little situations its not like that.

            just cause the water in a small concrete pond is green doesnt mean that theres many bite size lifeforms for the big koi to eat.

            i think thats why dick goes the exchange and good filtration so he can feed em well without such swings in waterQ.


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              Green Water Pros:
              * good food source for fry
              * consumes ammonia and nitrates
              * natural food source that is also a color enhancer

              Green Water Cons:
              * O2 and CO2 swings day and night causing PH swings in lightly buffered ponds (unstable water)
              * can't see fish if thick green
              * increases organics in water (possibly chicken/egg issue? which comes first; the organics or the algae?)

              I think a light green tint is just fine as long as the pond otherwise remains stable BUT it can quickly turn into a thick green muck.


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                Yes light green to dark green in a couple of days. My spawn started after the water turned into a dark mush. What would you say is the best water conditions green water or clear?


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