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Kindai Showa continues to change

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  • Kindai Showa continues to change

    Put together a couple sets of photos showing changes since Oct. in Japan. The kindai showa is approximately 11 inches now and was bred by Ooyama. We had some previous discussions regarding early photos and if the sumi would ever come up on the white ground.

    Appears to be surfacing now.
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    Hi Dan,

    The issue was over whether the Sumi would develop into decent Sumi, or just Kage Sumi. At the moment, we are still none the wiser. Looking good though, but only time will tell.

    Fingers crossed.



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      Thanks Mike...yeah you are correct...just didn't put my words down right. This one's been fun to watch.


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        Oh, Dan, what progress! The pattern is emerging beautifully, but much more Sumi and I'm not sure "kindai" will be accurate. Seeing gloss on any of the Sumi in the white areas?


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          Yeah Mike I know what ya mean....kinda had that clean 4 step look with the nice white before more of the black started to emerge. Hopefully as it grows the white will grow and be showier as before.

          As far as the sumi...I think I see a little gloss....or else it's wishful thinking on my part. LOL


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            thanks for posting! it's been fun to watch!
            Dick Benbow


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              Cool, I like this first hand account of development. Any shows in the near future for this Showa?
              The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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                Perhaps Portland in July


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                  Showas are my favorite koi to watch develop. They are so hard to get eveything to come together at the right time. I love the 4 step kohaku pattern and the promise of emerging sumi on your baby. Keep your fingers crossed that it will happen for you. Let us see some more photo's in the fall.
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