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Controlling Female Spawning?

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  • Controlling Female Spawning?

    Newbie question: Once mature, do all females produce their eggs during the spawning season regardless if there are males around? If you had a large pond of say 6-8 good size female koi, will they still develop eggs each and every season? I'm sure it may vary from koi to koi, but do hobbiest inject female koi with anykind of supressent if they do not want to use as parent stock? Just thinking outloud.

    I can't help but notice the many people in this forum community who try their luck at breeding.
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    Once mature I have not had a female not to produce eggs. Also I have heard I dont know how true it is but that females will somewhat spawn each other if males are not present in the pond with them. If they dont spawn they absorb the eggs back into their system.


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