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  • spitting food

    hi all
    i,m new to this site and thought i would startout with somthing that is really bugging me at the moment
    my pond is 4000g (UK) and heated to 16.5
    i have 12 koi 20"-26"
    i feed hikai wheat germ mixed with saki basic
    a couple of weeks ago i noticed my largest chag take food and spit it straight out again and since then others have also started
    i gave her a scrape and found nothing but gave them a salt dip whilst i was at it
    still no luck
    i have tryed differant food still no luck
    all water peramitors are spot on
    it was sugested it may be costia as thay can be missed on a slide so i have treated but still no luck
    thay still come up for food but just spit it straight out again
    any help
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    Well, try putting some honey on the food first...Koi love sweet things...
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      I have a shiro that (recently) splits out pellets when fed in the morning; however, she does not do this when fed in the evening. When fed cooked clam-meat, she does not have any problem whatsoever.

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        try taking a clay product like refresh and putting a teaspoon in a cup and mix it thoroughly with water. soak your pellets in there till they ansorb the moisture and try that. I will also feed with worms, as live food seems to help with what ever is bothering their gut. The clay trteatment has always helped in the past.
        Dick Benbow


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