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Showa Sakai Fish Farm (what will become of her)

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  • Showa Sakai Fish Farm (what will become of her)

    Hi fellow discussors,

    Arrived qat a point where I do not know what to aspect from this showa I am asking your help. What will become of this bodybuilder. It's especcially the sumi that worries me. However being a nissai and still got some years ahead, I am curious what you think will becom of this show. I find it a bit remarkable that the sumi pattering on the side does not reach to the dorsal fin. She also got some 'goma' sumi on the latest hi plate. I hope it won't come true. And what about the menware...this Koi can go left and right, do you know the route?

    Kindest regards
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    You have to be very patient with showa. SFF uses Dainichi parents and they take lots of time to develop. The sumi takes extra long to come up. How big is she now? I've got two SFF showa Sansai and two Danichi Showa sansai that I'm watching their development since early nissai besides the one SFF showa that I bought as sansai. The sumi development on both lines has been very slow.


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      Two more years to have your answer.


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        2 years 11 months and 27 days

        tons more sumi comin


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