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  • momotaro male breeder

    What do you think of this koi for a breeder. I got him real cheap 300.00 dollars and is about 16 inches, he is in a large mud pond till next year the I will put him with my female and spawn.

    I had to reduce this pic to a very small size for some reason. I hope you can tell something about him.
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    Can't really see it...need to make it bigger...
    The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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      KFG, you can send that photo to me and I can repost it so we can take a look at your Male koi. Right now it looks like a Good Fry in picture
      It's a living creature (chit happens)


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        Here is KFG's Male breeder..

        It's a living creature (chit happens)


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          What is Age?. Also, why just Momotaro bloodline Kohak for your breeding?
          In my opinion I would probably use Maruyama males and use Momotaro females for breeding.
          The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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            The two are just a start so I will have some good bloodlines, I will get some more to cross. I have had someone else tell me the same thing so I am thinking maybe I will buy one and cross them also. I still have a lot to learn when it comes to bloodlines and I guess I will learn as I go.


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              Sorry forgot he is almost 15 months old.


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                I also have more pics in the Pond construction begins thread. This is where I can grow some jumbo koi.


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                  I got some males if you want me to email you the pics....Need to lighten my load in my pond.
                  The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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                    Oh yeah, how many sets of Kohak parents are you spawning or goin to spawn?
                    Plus if I were you since you are in the mode of growing out your parent stock males, I would try growing out different bloodline Kohaks while your at it.

                    Try growing out:
                    Nogami males.
                    Maruyama males.
                    Diainchi males.
                    Kensuke males.
                    Saki Hiroshima males.
                    Kazuto males.
                    Mano males.
                    Izumiya males.
                    Hosikin males.

                    I dont think you can go wrong with either of these breeders...I am sure you can get some really nice tosai from dealers.
                    The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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                      If I was purchasing broodstock (and I wish I could afford to), I would try to get siblings from the same bloodline. If you do line breeding (pair fish from the same bloodline) you should get a higher percentage of offspring which look like the parents. If you outcross (pair fish from different bloodlines) there will likely be fewer usable fish, even if they are the same variety (e.g. kohaku, etc.).

                      There is nothing wrong with having pairs or trios from several bloodlines as long as you know who is who and can pair fish from the same bloodline for spawning. The only reason to outcross is to 1) strengthen a line which has become weak with too many deformities and slow-growing fish or 2) to develop a new bloodline. However, these are long-term projects as it will take several generations (fish generations) before the line again produces as high a percentage of useable offspring.

                      Someday, I hope to obtain five tosai sanke from the same spawn by a reputable Japanese breeder. I would choose sanke because 1) I like sanke, and 2) they would also produce a fair number of usable kohaku and a few new-style showa. Since sexing tosai is not an exact science, I would get five because there would be an 94% probability of having at least one of each sex, a 87% probably there would still be at least one of each sex if a fish should die, and a 75% probability of having two pair. I would get tosai because 1) I am poor, and 2) even if they did not finish well, the likelihood that they would be good broodstock is almost as high as if they were selected at nisai (at a much higher price). I do not yet have a breeder in mind and am open to suggestions.

                      -steve hopkins


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                        Good probability calculations, Steve! I wonder whether tosai sex ratio is really 1:1 in dealers premises. I guess that promising Tosai are carefully checked and I would say that the breeder knows wheter they are females or not. I mean, I have been seen this happening, it was a japanese breeder stablished in Spain many years ago and he could tell the sex of many fishes ranging from 18 to 24 cm in length. He sexed a female that I bought, l wanted a female and was not convinced but didn't say anything and trusted him. After almost one year thinking that he was wrong, I had to admit the fish was female.

                        On the other hand, I would like to know who among the oyagoi (and why) is usually more important in determining the quality of the fry, the male parents or the female?
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                          I have alway heard that it is the male. I was told to make sure that I had very good males as they are the one to determine the pattern and skin quality on a koi. I forget where or who told me this but I am trying to make sure I get good bloodlines so I will at least be able to grow out me some parent stock without haveing to pay the high prices that they ask for a fish that does not have that great of a pattern, just skin quality. Can anyone tell me if I put a koi female void of hi with a solid red male what I would come up with. Think about it, you have some koi that dont have the hi but you know they came form a kohuku spawn, I wounder what would happen, I have been told pattern is not an issue for parent stock. It is just the bloodlines.


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                            Someone who I respect very much said he thinks the female makes most of the contribution. I had heard the female contribution is the most powerful somewhere else a few years ago - but can't remember where. From my limited practical experience, I can't see a distinction.

                            -steve hopkins


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