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  • Koi spawn

    Hi a couple of my koi spawned this morning on to brushes, how long do i keep the brushes in the pond for? And when will they start to hatch??
    This is my first year of koi keeping so please help.
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    Callum, I think you want to dip them in some methelyn blue to keep it from getting fungus etc. Maurice and or Jacover or other may know more. I ain't a breeder yet. LOL

    It's a living creature (chit happens)


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      Callum, some good advice from maurice on his website about breeding does and don'ts. Here is his website...

      It's a living creature (chit happens)


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        Hi Callum,
        congratulations for your first spawn! Time to hatch depends on water temperature, but usually ranges from 4 to 6 days. You can leave the spawning ropes for a while after hatching, providing they can't start releasing any undesirable compound. I still have the ropes in one of my breeding tanks and the spawning took place on 7th of april. Ropes provide shelter for the fry, besides there are lots of protozoan and algae thriving on the ropes after just a week.

        Last year I treated the spawn with Sera Mycopur, a mixture of Acriflavin, copper salts and something else. Just to stop fungus. Besides, I had filtration and UV clarifier on all the time.
        Well, I discovered there is no reason to care that much about fungus. The real problem is to have lots of live food to rear the fry.
        When they start feeding, Artemia nauplii are to big for them.
        This year I had a wonderful community of protozoan and rotifers thriving in the spawning tanks, ready to be eaten by the fry. I decided not to use any chemicals to prevent fungus, despite in one tank a female started to spawn alone, and there were some egg masses in the bottom before I added the spawning ropes and the males. No problem, these eggs developed fungus, but there were lots of viable, fertilized eggs that hatched allright. Moreover, even eggs looking rather whitish and dirty in the ropes, surrounded by a sort of halo of what seemed to be fungus, hatched whithout problem. This year I have an even bigger filtration system that handled remarkably well with all the mess that parent koi leave after spawning.
        Whitin a few days I had hundreds of thousands fry, now the problem is to provide them with a growing amount of live food until they accept dry artificial food.
        I have been checking egg samples under the microscopy every day after spawning (you can see some pictures in another thread: 3rd year as amateur breeding). I could see living embryos moving and beating inside eggs covered by big colonies of Vorticella or surrounded by fungus' hyphae.
        Do whatever you want to do, but if you manage to keep the water allright I think you could forget about fungus and start thinking about setting up big cultures of protozoan and Daphnia, and getting Artemia cysts to use later on. If you find any pond where you can harvest big amounts of live food, that would be excellent.
        God luck,
        BTW, was it a mass spawn? Which varieties do parents belong to?
        Diego Jordano
        Cordoba, Spain
        A.E.K. web site
        pers. web site


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          koi spawn

          Hi thanks for the info, the parent koi are sanke and kokhau.
          There were two females


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