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  • Hirashin Chagoi


    I've got a question about Chagoi.

    Does anyone have any experience with Hirashin Chagoi.
    My Dealer has a very nice one, with a red/brown color.

    It's totaly clear!

    Has anyone experience with appearing shimi?

    It's a nissai with about 42cm.

    I'll be happy about some comments.

    Regards Nico

    edit: I dont have a better or closer picture, but better then nothing. My Dealer is a reliable source for the information about that Koi
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    Naturally, the Shusui caught my eye! (lol)

    I love chagoi tho and that red or real light green are my favorites. They do
    turn darker with harder GH/KH water and also they will turn black in area where they are bruised or joseled in transit.

    My guess is your koi that your considering is male. I'd like to see you get a female because they get so big and friendly but maybe you pond is really not that big.

    It sounds like your drawn to the koi so why don't you consider getting it and trying to do the best by it and learning from it. The prettiest one i ever saw like that was a GR red. It was named Cathy after the dealer's wife and looked for all the world to be a female. Yup, turned out to be a male.(lol)
    Dick Benbow


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      I think, I'll buy it and see.

      It's not the worst Chagoi I could get.

      Hirashin is known for Chagoi and a perfect looking Nissai wouldn't turn in a horrible one...


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        I think the thing with Chagoi is their personality and size...I have to Chagois in my pond that I raised from tosai and it is fun to watch them grow. I think the only problem when choose Chagoi is picking which color you like and picking one with very good conformation. I hope you enjoy Chagoi.
        The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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          In my eyes Shimis could a problem....

          Nobody bad experiences with appearing Shimi on Chagoi?


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            I don't have a Chagoi, so have no experience with possible shimis.

            I find it interesting that, as I watched all of the koi videos my club has to offer, in almost every one a few of the koi keepers would state that their Chagoi was their very favorite fish.

            I had heard that Nishikigoi "begins and ends with Kohaku" and from a show perspective, that might be true. But the "affectionate memory" award seems to go to Chagoi. (Unless you are Dick, in which case the raves go to blue fish.)

            Am I wrong??


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              Yeah you will see a lot of chagois that are dirty. hard to find a clean older one. I have seen one from Hirasawa and it is the green tone one. I cannot wait to go to Japan. I hope Hiraswa's farm is all good an maybe hope I can find a clean 28-30" chagoi.

              Have fun with this little guy.

              It's a living creature (chit happens)


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                Thx Joe.

                I'm also interested in such a 3 year Hirasawa Chagoi or an 2 year Karashigoi from Konishi or Takigawa.

                My Dealer will visit Japan this Fall, so I'm watching forward....


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                  Joe, like your bonsai unit logo!

                  the comment on shimmi's in this thread leads us right into the thread that talks about water softeners and the eventual need/ education on how to constructively ( and financially) afford to regulate water!

                  I just love my asagi's and really wouldn't be able to enjoy them without some control!
                  Dick Benbow


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                    Chagoi are really much fun. I have one I purchased as nisai at around 16". It is now 5 years old and 30+" (have not measured it yet this Spring). The story about this koi is that until last year everybody (including me) thought it was female. I mean female everything: temperament, behavior, looks, all of it.

                    It was so obviously female that I even never thought of trying to milk it. That was until last Spring's checkup when Tony had it in the tub lining it for measurement and went "Oh ho, it is a male! (finding roughness on the gill plates)".

                    A year later it still looks female. I will post a photo in a couple of weeks.
                    A great Chagoi: brick red with dark blue netting.

                    A Chagoi is said to bring peace in a koi pond. This is due to their poised attitude when a disturbance occurs: all the other koi look up and see the undisturbed Chagoi and think "all is OK because Chagoi is not thinking much about it".


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                      Hirashin Chagoi

                      Hirashin produces good koi in my opinion. But I must confess that I have had mixed results with his Chagoi. Some would get large shimmi spots, some others would simply not grow at all.

                      For Asagi, Soragoi, and Chagoi, I would buy from Hosokai (in Niigata at least), unless you're looking for a above average specimen and that is a whole different story.

                      EDIT: This reads really bad: Hosokai produces very high quality of these types, I just meant that buying nisai from Hosokai was a good bet.


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                        Does anybody have any experience with Izumiya chagoi??
                        Have asked my local dealer to look for a nice female.



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                          Locally bred 4 years old and 75cm.
                          I think it is better to buy chagoi locally because you can see the parents and see whether they have shimmies or not.
                          I love the green ones more.
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                          Jaco Vorster
                          South Africa


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                            Very nice chagoi Jaco.
                            I used to have a green chagoi with ogon fins about a year ago. It falls prey to a couple of foreign construction workers who stole it from my pond and ate her!!
                            I've been trying to get a nice one since.



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                              Jaco, that is pretty much the color I want when I look for a chagoi. Real nice green very clean. That one in pic is locally bred? Sign me up..

                              It's a living creature (chit happens)


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