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    Hey im new to all this koi keeping, and its my first summer in koi keeping, i was just asking to see what kinds of food i should feed my koi?? at the moment im feeding them a food which has a protein leval of 33% 50% of that, and 50% colour enchancer. Am I correct and should i move to a higher protein leval through the summer??
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    For the most part I have always made my own food. It takes it's fair share of time, it smells and it messes up the kitchen. Why bother you might ask? Because I and several others are convince that most koi food isn't worth feeding to your fish. For the most part it's 40% to 60% wheat flour, an ingrediant that does to fish little good and may even be bad for them in the long term.

    This was until I discovered Momotaro's new feed. Not wheat but seaweed which has a lower glycimic index and doesn't cause a fatty liver.

    At 22 pounds for a 2kg bag it's cheaper than Hikari's breeders choice an if you order 4 bags the shipping is free. A certain dealer and Momotaro rep. in Bristol can tell you all about it.

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