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  • Treating eggs

    Can eggs be treated with Proform C. I can not find Malachite green anywhere. I do have Porform C on hand (formalin and MG). How much should I use and hw many times?

    Help, please.

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    DL, I doublt it. Malichite green has a very specific anti fungal action you don't find in proform C.

    Semper in excreta, sumus solum profundum variat


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      Other common treatments for egg fungus are methylene blue and acriflavine. Actually, I would choose either of these over malachite because they are not copper derivatives and are probably less toxic to the fish. My personal preference is to use nothing. I suspect such egg treatments may increase the number of deformities.

      Having enough eggs is seldom a problem and I typically have too many eggs to successfully raise. Deformities are a big problem though because you will invest space, time and other resources in the fry only to have that investment wasted when the fish is culled or dies as a result of deformity.

      Some have indicated that fungal infections of eggs are not necessarily fatal and that some of the little puff balls will hatch.

      -steve hopkins


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        Funny thing is I'm swamped with both Malachite green and Methylene blue. Too bad I'm too far away to help
        Semper in excreta, sumus solum profundum variat


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          b scott

          if i put a continuous drip of something blue into my pond water will it help deepen the blue of my asagi's.

          or as douitsulover would say "shusui's"?
          Dick Benbow


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            This is my first year of breeding , and I found myself in the same situation ... plenty proform-c and none of the other treatments and no way to get any quick enough . I used it 3 days in a row , each time doing a 25% water change . The fungus that had appeared very quickly was almost completely gone after the 3rd treatment . Its been 2 weeks now since hatching and my fry look like all the fry I have seen in pictures other than one thing , I haven't seen even 1 black fry . Deformities may become an issue but with my limited space deformities may become a blessing .

            Can someone tell me how long I should wait or how big my fry should be before I turn on my filter ?

            Philip Young


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              No Dick you need Blue paint applied directly to the scales of just use Photo Shop like you normaly do. Best Blue in the show!
              Semper in excreta, sumus solum profundum variat


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                You did not say what type of filter. If its an external filter, you can turn it on at any time as long as the suction port is large enough and screened small enough to prevent trapping fry. You can make a large cylinder of coarse plastic mesh/wire and cover it with fine screen to reduce the suction velocity and exclude the fry. If it's a green water system, or you are are still providig live food, you would want to hold off on the filter to preserve the plankton. Green water will keep ammonia and nitrite in check until the feeding rate begins to exceed about 4 grams per square meter per day - even higher if a modest water exchange is used.

                What were the parents? Kohaku (and higoi or shiromuji from kohaku lines) will often produce all white/yellow fry. Perhaps some other varieties do this as well, but in my limited experience, only the kohaku have produced 100% white babies.
                -steve hopkins


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                  Can get methylene blue and malachite green at


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                    Hi Steve , Thanks for the help .

                    I'm using a 650 gallon stock tank that has or had a good layer of green built up on the sides and bottom , the fry have almost completely cleaned the green .My filter is external , I think I'll wait a couple more weeks before turning it on , it has a fairly strong pump for a small tank . I may increase my once a week 25%water change to a twice a week .

                    The parents , she is a sanke and he , well at first glance he appears to be a hi utsuri but with a closer look he has a few patches of white on the lower part of his body and on all his fins . I'm sure most of the fry will turn out to be pond mutts ... hopefully I can weed out 20-25 that loook similar to the parents , if I can then I will feel successful for my first time breeding .



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                      The description of the male and the fact that there are no black babies would make one think the male is a aka sanke (one of my favorites) or a aka showa from a white fry. Might be a pretty good pairing.

                      -steve hopkins


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