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What it takes to be a judge?

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  • What it takes to be a judge?

    Just wanted to ask what it takes to be a judge be it AKCA or ZNA?
    The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.
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    Re: What it takes to be a judge?

    Please see the "How to become an AKCA certified koi judge" artical
    by Bob Finnegan in Koi USA Volume 29, Issue 5 March/April 2005.

    Also, here is the webiste -


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      Dinh, welcome to the board. It was nice seeing you yesterday at Champkoi event.
      The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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        yes Dinh welcome. I hope you'll feel free to join us as we chat about our favorite

        I have to be careful about talking about judges and judging. many of my friends are one ! They can either make or break a show. Over the decades, I have met all kinds. AKCA and ZNA, BKKS
        as well as Shinkokai. I always enjoyed the shows that were judged by professional japanese breeders. They know koi!
        If i could get away with naming a few American judges that i think exemplify
        the best role models it would be Burt Ballou, Larry and Pat Christiansen, and Dr Gene Ewey.

        there's is a difficult role. The bigger the show, the tougher the compeition the easier it is to be criticised. The one thing we can't forget is that they come a long way and give of themselves for the hobby. for which we should be eternally gratefull. I remember as a little league coach always challenging the umps. Till one year i was asked to become a certified ump. It wasn't easy making those calls!!! The following year i behaved myself!

        I had many a chance to become a judge but i feel most comfortable in my role as Head bencher. Just me and the koi. I do write down after benching the top three places prior to judging. I don't embarass myself too often!
        Dick Benbow


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          What it takes to be a judge?

          It was nice to see you too - It was a great koishow - I end up to buy a
          small tategoi Sakuma Kohaku recommended by judge Fugita - Did you
          get any tategoi? Also, it was so nice to have a chance to meet many
          koi masters;-))


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            What it takes to be a judge?

            Thanks much Dick for welcoming me on board - I am a newbie and hope
            to learn more from you and others -

            Yes, agree! koi judge is a difficult job - Koi is an art - juding koi is
            a complicated matter ;-))


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              I know you didn't ask for this explanation but for the record.

              The BKKS judging programme requires a trainee judge to pass an entrance exam and a continuation exam each year of his training which can last anything between 3 to 5 years.

              In that year in addition to that exam he will be expected to attend 5-6 shows in a trainee capacity where he will receive coaching and assessment in the field. Advancement to the next stage is after a positive assessment from all existing judges.

              Once passing beyond the trainee stage he/she will move onto being a probationary for a period of 1-3 years, where advancement to the next stage is after receiving positive assessments from all judges.

              rgds BERN
              South East Koi Club


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                the minimum requirement is a thick skin, and poker face. I can see many angry koi owners wanting to tear the judge into pieces in every event. As a judge, you can't let that affect your decision, and you can't let that 'you ******, go away' emotion showing up on your face either.



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