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  • Trevor Pearson is sick...

    Dear All -

    A special friend of a significant number of those who post on this board has recently been diagnosed with a life threatening illness...

    Trevor Pearson of The East Riding Koi Company has cancer.

    Yes, sadly - it is serious!

    Trevor has quietly been under-going Chemotherapy treatment and is bravely battling this terrible disease which has unfairly entered his body and is struggling to gain control over our good and special friend.

    Highly respected on both side of the big pond, Trevor Pearson is known to be a tough-prideful Yorkshireman, as well as, a keen businessman. He is also a man who has dedicated his adult professional career to the world of koi and the integrity of his profession and to this hobby.

    And, especially to all of us who know him either as customers and friends from all around the world.

    Thus, I don't ask for myself. However, it would be a special moment for all to simply imagine the joy that Trevor would receive if he was handed a basket-filled and overflowing with notes and cards of good wishes for a speedy recovery by his wife Glennis, each written and sent to him by those who revere this hobby and who hold each of us as friends (unto the other) and who appreciate this hobby for having brought us all enjoy the laughter, the competition and the often 'adolescent' controversy which we so often share...

    Therefore, please take a moment, if you would - be so kind; and, send a brief 'positive' note to:
    Trevor Pearson
    The East Riding Koi Company
    'Chatterthro Carter Lane'

    Flamborough, Bridlington
    East Riding of Yorkshire, YO15 1LW
    United Kingdom

    Respectfully requested/suggested/encouraged,

    Grand Cayman
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    Hi Lee,

    Having met Trevor on several occasions and having purchased some quality fish from him in the past, I can only recipricate your comments and send my best wishes to Trevor and Glennis, he certainly is a credit to the Koi world.

    Kindest Regards Billy Boy.
    Kindest Regards Billy Boy.


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      How many times have we watched a koi that had to be knocked out following work on an injury that was released back into the pond. Soon all his buddies are around him urging him to come erect and then escourting them around till they get their feet back under them.

      I think the koi community, lee is like that as well. i know i speak for everyone on this board that our thoughts and prayers for his well being are right now surrounding him until he can get back on his feet again.
      Dick Benbow


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        very sorry to hear that.
        I don't know Trevor that well, except a few years ago i purchased a couple of koi books from him. He was extremely helpful to give recommendations not only on the books, but also shipment schemes (it was sent from UK to Singapore). I received such personal service from him that if i didn't know better, i'd have thought i was his one and only customer. Needless to say, the books arrived WAY before schedule.
        From my brief communication with Trevor, he strikes me as a very nice man with a good sense of humor. All this was blatant to me over one transaction, i can imagine how a good a friend he must be to those who know him better.

        I hope he recovers well.


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          It' more important - that you let Trevor know -

          Dear All,

          I appreciate your remarks.

          However, it is 'more' important that "you" send a note to Trevor -

          As above - when a koi becomes sick, his/her pond mates will sit aside him/her, nudge him/her and the koi will try to respond accordingly.

          Thus, with Trevor facing a series of treatments, surgeries and medication demands - to be supported by his 'pond mates' urging him to 'swim' ~ should mean a great deal to him.

          After all, it takes so little of our time and money to send that note of greeting...

          Don't you agree, that we should all 'just' simply do it!


          Grand Cayman


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            makes sense. i'll send a card out soonest. hope the Indonesian postal service doesn't screw it up as they're known to do.


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