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  • Roof for pond

    During the summer i will be building pond 2, which will be around 10,000 gallons, modern koi pond. And was just asking to see if anybody has put sum sort of japanese roof over their pond?, also does anybody now of any websites where you can see these roofs?? Thanks
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    There is an article in the new KOIUSA by Art Lembrke in regards to an indoor koi pond. Pretty interesting.

    In regards to a roof, most of the people I know use shade cloth as a roof during the summer months.
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      Callum: A Japanese-styled structure would be impressive! I'll be doing a much simpler wood structure with shadecloth as Aquitori suggests. But it sure would be nice to have a structure that conveyed the sense of orderly peacefulness that old Japanese architecture creates. Wishing you success.


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        Having a solid roof over the pond allows for lots of options which is good!
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          What about sunlight though? We have used a shade cloth on our pond the last few years and I noticed last year going in to winter we didn't have the nice green fury carpet on the sides. I think we will leave the cloth off longer or get lighter degree of shade cloth. It sure would be nice to have a structure that we didn't have to put the cloth up and take it down. I've thought about using a latice type of structure so the snow would not build up but I'm not crazy about the looks of our current structure either.


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            This one appears to be bird-proof too


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              This site shows roofs and sells the building materials...Expensive!


              A less expensive option would be to construct a post and beam structure with open sides and rafters...You could use 4x4 for posts, 4x6-8 beams depending on spans between posts and 4x6, 8s for rafters depending on span between ridge beam and side... You could place bamboo poles between rafter to get that Japanese feel... Roof should be between 4-12 or 6-12 pitch (4 or 6" drop every 12") if you have the money replace 4x X with poles of similar size...
              Cedar would be the preferred wood of choice...If not redwood is a good replacement...In either case you don't have to paint just let it age... For roofing material you could use bamboo fencing material from most big box stores probably have to replace every 5-10 years depending on weather in your area...they usually come in rolls of 6-8' x 12' or so...

              For more design ideas, go to Amazon's book section and do a search on Japanese Architecture...there are about 6-7 books out there...

              Hope this helps....

              Aloha! Mike


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