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  • After it rains....

    Usually how much water should be changed after it rains? I heard some people change about 10% or 15%. What's best in your opinion?
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    Unless in an area of highly acid rain and low alkalinity in the pond, I do not see a reason to change water due to rain. I think it would be a matter of how rain affects your pH and alkalinity.


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      I agree with Mike. I'd want to know the amount of PH change because of the

      acid in the rain before i did anything. a 10-15% change will not hurt anything but I think I'd want to know what I'm dealing with.
      Dick Benbow


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        I agree with both Mike and Dick. My pond is without any cover. But even if it rains heavily, I don't do any water change, beside the normal daily 5%.


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          Thats why im having a roof over my pond, i have a lot of acid rain and throws the ph up, fish hate it.


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            We got 2" of rain last night. For my 20,000 gallon pond (25x45), that means I got about 1500 gallons of fresh rain water. Which is like a 7% change. I dont think our rain water is acidy here. I'll check tonight when I get home.


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