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  • submarine disease

    I found my kohaku dead this morning...

    Two days ago, this kohaku started swimming vertically against the pond wall out of the blue. It seemed as if it was swimming against a down-current (when there is none).

    Anyone out there ever experienced any symptoms like this?

    Someone from Japan mentioned that sometimes koi gets this unexplainable disease like this, named submarine disease. Like its name suggests, the fish sinks because of the inability to regulate its swim bladder.

    Anyone familiar with this disease and its treatment?
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    hey, I just joined this forum as one of my fish is getting in bad shape, and I can't seem to figure it out.

    It appears to have something I just stumbled on at this web site. My fish is doing the last one on the chart. I am about to go seaching for the stuff they recommend locally, but I'm not so sure I have ever seen it around here.

    Well, just thought I'd let you know in case it helps at all.



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      Sounds very much like a bacterial ailment. The symptoms is the tail out of the water sometimes? I would yank them out and check around body for ulcerations or any sore spots around the body. Look for pink or inflames red infections. Also by this point I would start seeking out anitbiotics......

      Just some thoughts off the top of my head...

      It's a living creature (chit happens)


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        Thanks for the link mike. looks very informative. Have thought about heating up the fish, but was too late. will try that again later if the situation arises (hopefully not).

        Keokoi, the condition you mentioned with the tail at the surface, is actually the opposite of what happened to my late kohaku. But thanks for the info anyways. That condition had occured a few years ago, but salting the pond cured it within 24 hours.

        Thanks you all.


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