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Artifical spawning, careful milking & stripping

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  • Artifical spawning, careful milking & stripping

    Hello everyone,

    I am in desperate need of a male doitsu ochiba for a female. The only male I can find will only provide milt AND they want me to tell them how to milk the male.

    I am looking for the normal milking and stripping procedures and the most friendly gentle procedures.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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    Ok, ok, ok .... just the right info.

    Hello all, again-

    I jumped the gun with the last post. I really wanted the best advise I could get - and got greedy. I have been reading past threads and have learned how the 'council' is on newbies and artifical spawning. So, with that said:

    I have a female doitsu ochiba, on loan. I want to spawn her naturally. All my past spawning has been natural. I do not believe in injecting, if at all possible. I have seen to much death and disfigurement of breeding stock.

    Since, the female is doitsu, I wanted a doitsu male. There were two in my area. Now there is only one, the other brother died. The owners are thinking of letting me have some milt, but want to know how best to get this. I was thinking of having them pair the male with a junk female and let him just start his own spawning, then interupt him. Use clove oil to ease his stress, then milk out a few cc's. Any thoughts?

    On my end, I would do the same with the female. Let her start to spawn naturally with a regular male ochiba, then interupt her. Use clove oil, carefully massage the eggs out - use the milt. Combine - off we go to the races!

    I am looking for as natural a way as possible. With as little direct stress to the fish as possible.

    Quick bio: worked on an american koi farm for a year, have been active with fish all my life, have been active with koi for 5 years, have a passion for koi, little money, desire and drive to learn and experiment with a very detail oriented artist eye, always the student constantly learning.

    Again - thank you



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      I think the timing of what you're talking about would be difficult, if not impossible. Milt has a fairly short life. However, you can usually express milt from a male at will during this time of year. If you cannot borrow the male for a week or so, then perhaps you could take the female to the male's residence, put her in a show tank with spawning mat, and introduce the male at the appropriate time.

      -steve hopkins


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        Milt time frame


        Thanks for the comments. Yea, just got a call back from U of Fl Tropical Fish Lab in Ruskin, Fl. 3 hours in the fridg. is about its limit. That is if it is collected completely dry. One drop of water, 30 seconds they all die!

        The more I think about the logistics of a 3 hour window to gather the milt get it back to the female ready with eggs - too close. I will just have to find her a better match.

        I have a nice kohaku male, that might throw some color on the fry. Or I have a nice scaled ochiba. Choices, choices ..... hmmmm.



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          Hello Jeff,
          What a pity! Sounds like your interesting breeding plan is going to be almost impossible to carry out. In my limited experience it takes quite a lot of preparation to do artificially induced spawning allright and safely. Better not to be in a hurry.
          Moreover, while it is quite straightforward to extract milt from males under anaesthesiae, it is far more tricky and less predictable to strip the eggs from the female, even if she was induced using hormones (or synthetic analogs).

          It would be nice to have access to sperm cryopreservation equipment and a sufficiently tested technique specific or Koi or at least for common carp! There re some scientific papers puclished on this subject, and some authors have reported large fertilization rates of eggs in carp species using cryopreserved sperm. Can you imagine what could be done in combination with artificial spawning induction?
          All the best,
          Diego Jordano
          Cordoba, Spain
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