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Koi Society of Australia 28th Open Championship Update

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  • Koi Society of Australia 28th Open Championship Update

    Hello Friends

    I have made a quick post of todays results on the link below. I will update with more information, photos and video over the next few days. Bradley
    Australian Koi Forum
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    Thanks for the heads up and web contact. The first show here in the NW is about 6 weeks from now and I'm getting excited to see a few local shows!

    This is gonna sound out of place but when i was reviewing the site you gave us there was a Post From a Ms Robinson that delighted me to see posting again. A very special person with a heart as big as Texas!

    I have always appreciated watching the progress hobbiest make in our sport the the "land down under".
    Dick Benbow


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      More photos added.

      Hi friends

      I have started adding photos and video of this show. I have some 300 photos to sort through and 30 mins of video. As I need to sort out the good from the bad and edit the video, its gonna take me a few days to put up the photos and other information.

      I hope you enjoy.

      Host: Australian Koi Forum
      Photos and video are at this link ]


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