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Hikari wheat germ vs Ogata wheat germ

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  • Hikari wheat germ vs Ogata wheat germ

    Hi everyone,

    Which one is better Hikari or Ogata wheat germ? Need your opinion/experience on these food. Thank you very much.

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    Hikari is available in my area but Ogata is not. That settles it for me.

    I used Ogata Regular for much of last year and it worked well. I used Hikari wheat germ and the fish seemed to like that as well.

    I suspect my fish aren't picky, but I also suspect less DOCs when using Hikari foods.


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      I pick Ogata when it is availble. Hikari is probably the best all-round wheatgrem, but I use Ogata because of the chitin it contains.
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        Thanks Jason and Aquitori for the experience/information.



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          here's a different angle for you to consider.

          food should be selected to do what you want it to do.

          cold water feed with minimum temperatures. Hikari is wheatgerm based. read the lable. correct choice for the reason./season

          other wheatgerm has white fish meal in it. would be a good food for the next step up with the temperature increases. you wouldn't want an animal protein with minimal temps. you would want fish meal if you had a heater on your pond and the chance of temps dipping ( especially in the spring and fall) was not a concern. see what i mean?

          many times koi foods are manufactured in the same processing plants. the ingredients are tweaked to the receipe's of the customer. But sources are the same/similar.

          talk to toyoma koi about what he does to create daiinichi food made in america. interesting!

          please be a lable reader of ingredients, look at the per centage of protein and also think about water temps and what kind of digestion your koi's metabolism
          will need to handle that food.
          Dick Benbow


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            On my bagsof Hikari Wheat-Germ, the ingredients list start with "Fish Meal". The first ingredient listed is customarily the highest in percentage. Hikari is a Japanese manufacturer and going back a year or so in Nichirin there was an interesting interview of Japanese koi food manufacturers where they specifically said that if the label does not say "White Fish", the food contains "Brown Fish" meat (such as Herring. Hardly a low-temperature food!

            I have noticed that people of the UK posting this info have a different list of ingredients. I would not be surprised that Hikari would be doing DIFFERENT "Wheat-Germ" products for Europe or the USA.

            I can scan the package label if you doubt what I am saying here.


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              Just looked at the ingredients on the back of my bag of Hikari Wheat Germ. The first five are:Wheat Germ Meal, Krill Meal, Wheat Flour, Fish Meal, and wheat flour. Interestingly, the list also includes gluten meal....doesn't specify whether it's corn or wheat. Dog food research has indicated probably not a good ingredient over the life of one's dog. Just some food for thought.


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                Uggghh! Not only do you have to sort through all the different views and experiences, but then you have to figure out which batch ! No wonder so many different opinions.


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                  If I can just get people to be lable readers and think about things, then I have been successful. Thanks to arthur,mike and dan for their thoughts!
                  Dick Benbow


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                    I have often read that Tetra koi foods are outstanding as far as content, but most serious koi people cant get by the idea of of feeding " koi sticks" Why is this? I have been feeding them, am I making a mistake?



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                      I have been using Hikari for the last few years, but I just got a 33 lb bag of Ogata Special Silk Power, and a 33 lb bag of the Ogata Wheat Germ. Will see how well they work out for use.


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                        I would like to thank everyone opinions/ideas/experiences.



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