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  • Duncans Koi Health Book

    Here's the front cover of Duncan Griffiths new book on Koi health

    HI all

    a little taster for you of my new forthcoming book, purley on koi health. it has not gone to press yet but its expected to go by the end of the month to be ready some time in june

    its 145 pages long, A4, coil bound, so you can open it and keep it open while you follow the instructions, with a lot of step by step photgraphs and pictures on how to perform basic and the more complex treatments in full colour. All the typical medications are covered along with antibiotic doseages and all the do's and donts together with step by step how to tie sutures

    it will be available on this site and selected dealers and can be paid for via paypal right here price £32.95 +P&P

    if you want to reserve a copy of the first edition please write to me privately at [email protected]

    Pond-On (tm)

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    for those of you who do not know Duncan ( i see numbers of viewers but no comments) This guy is tremendously knowledgeable about the problems we face with these troublesome virus. A Brit, he has worked hand in hand with the AKCA in America to develop a program of knowledge and action to take against KHV and SVC. I have several friends, one a wholesaler and another a retail outlet that has been generously aided BY HIM over the years with koi health problems. I would think every koi club in the world would want to have one copy for it's members.
    I encourage you to consider getting your hands on one.
    Dick Benbow


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      I've managed to blag a copy of the draft. I've only skimmed through it but it certainly full of extremely useful, detailed, hands on info on healthcare.
      Mark Gardner


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        Could someone post the paypal information here when the time is right? This looks like a great book to fill out the "koi health" collection of any hobbyist.


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          If Duncan's book is anything like the text he provided for his advanced KHA course, it will definately be worth every penny. His advanced KHA course was the best I have taken.


          Orlando, FL


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            Henry, I think the book IS the info provided with the KHA course ... plus edits, etc.

            I know folks who want the book just because I cannot provide them the draft I have.


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              geez, i dont usually step outside my own world these days

              thanks werner and thanks for the kinds words all

              yes the book has a lot of the KHA course in it, the course was based on the book, but slightly different but it has lots of stuff put back in that i could not put in because of being politically correct, it also has stuff removed that is very much about "interaction" with the people KHA'ers have to face when doing their job

              it is in american doses and UK doses and IMHO is very comprehensive and i have tried to cover every days stuff that every days folks see and need to deal with i.e there is very little in the way of tumours that even pro's dont mess with to much

              it has been replaced with loads of stuff including antibiotics, sutures, more surgery, anatomy & physiology, quarantine and loads more




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                Hi Guys,

                Well i have also been lucky enough to get my grubby little paws on the book and it is full of full on instructions and pictures to help out anyone with most if not all koi health issues.Being extremely lucky enough to actually meet the man...and his water & koi he is very very hands on and that has come out in the book.

                His explanations and instructions are very easy to understand and follow which i think is a godsend to many especially Muppet's like myself!!

                Well done Dunc cant wait for the new book sign me up!!!!I must say the new cover looks stunning better than the old one i have LOL!!!



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                  it was nice of Duncan to make an appearance on our board. I hope he doesn't forget to drop by and share with us!
                  Dick Benbow


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                    Thnx Duncan,

                    Cant wait to see the book!
                    Best regards,

                    Bob Winkler

                    My opinions are my best interpretation of my experiences. They are not set in stone as I intend to always be a student of life. And Koi.



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                      Duncan has now provided a thread on his forum regarding purchasing his book, so anyone across the world can purchase it now.

                      I know he's a bit shy, so if you want to see what he's written, follow the link.


                      It can be purchased from his website as well


                      The book sold incredibly well at the BKKS National this weekend, get in quick before he has to do another print run - LOL
                      Regards, Bob
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