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  • one more seminar

    At the Blueberry Farm, the shipment of Toshio Sakai's tosai will be coming out of Q on June 4th, so Sue has scheduled me for one last seminar. I was able to get a net into the tank yesterday to check on a few and they are very nice.

    there are some excellent examples of GR and that will be fun to be able to show
    the difference. One of Toshio's showas I keep looking at. It's a qualityy koi with no white on the head eliminating it for serious show fish status. But the rest is exceptional.

    All of Toshio's big one's that came in on the 12th of this month are doing well in Washington state and Idaho. I need to get hold of Gene and Phyllis and see if I can get them to post some pics. I do know some of thos are their stealth fish for this coming show season, but we'll see.
    Dick Benbow
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    Take your camera, Dick!


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      last time I took it it produced beautiful pictures and the guy i asked to post them said they took too long to unload and were too big. So for someone
      handicapped with how to do what needs to be done, I've given up. I worked hard with last bunch of photos for naught, so pls don't hold your breath!
      Dick Benbow


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        Its not to difficult change the file size and photo size, if you wish to email me a photo I will give it a go.



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          Dick: Your camera can take photos of different sizes. The best, sharpest photos that you would want to have printed for framing or to project on a large screen use the largest size. For email or posting on most boards, you will want to use a small size. My camera has a size labeled "email", which perfectly matches the size parameters Brian set for this board. There will be a button that lets you choose. .... You can do it!


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            Dick--I am still going to be in Portland at the PNKCA meeting and am disappointed to miss the unveiling of the Sakai fishes. If for any reason this meeting is shorter than I think it will be, I will swing by Hoshi.


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