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  • Koi Dead!

    Hi, I'm new here. Just a few minutes ago, my favorite koi died. It was a lightning patterned (ayizuma?) patterned Kohaku koi from Japan. The reason I'm posting is that I don't know why it died. It starting having spasms, like it couldn't see and ran into the sides of the pond, it wasn't using its swim bladder apparently because it swam upside down, it was disoriented, it seemed like it went insane! After 10 minutes it was dead.

    I don't know what happened because I had just fed the fish an hour ago and everything seemed fine. There was no sign of disease and all the fish (for the last few months there have been no new additions) were active and normal.

    Has anyone experienced this?
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    Have a good read on this thread. It happens.


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      Erns thought of the exact thread that came to my mind. Sometimes there really is no explanation that we can do anything about. Heart failure, aneurysm, etc... A sudden failure like that is impossible to predict or prevent.
      Larry Iles


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        what you describe sounds like arsenic posioning. Do you have any treated wood near your pond and had a recent rainfall?


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          What about it being a Submersible Pump with a Short in it ? Seems I've heard when this happens it can effect one Koi , then later on another .
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            It was most likely a physical failure within the one fish. However, when such a thing happens it is good to check for other possible causes just to be sure no chemical or electrical issues exist.


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